Newbie Vegan

Hi everyone, I've just switched to total Vegan today. It seems I'm hyper sensitive to dairy products so a year of vegetarian to vegan is a quick change for me. I have been living with chronic migratory arthritis and fibromyalgia. I've lost 60 pd. In the past year and that's great but still in lots of pain due to health issues. I think its linked to dairy products. I was hoping there were people out there that's had any success with Heath problems related to dairy and eggs. Still a little sad about losing dairy too.

hey try nut milks, coconut milk, and soy milk, and make sure u no what ur doing when you go vegan you dont want to take out any food groups without replacing them :)

Thanks I'm a big fan of coconut milk also almond milk. I eat tons of peas beans leafy greens. I jus think the dairy stuff is making me sick. So I'm trying it for three months to see for sure. Thank you for your input.

dont forget to try tofu, seitan and tempeh if you havent yet hehe :) good luck oh good brownie recipe, 1cup dates, 1/2 cup nuts (walnuts and or almonds) 1/4 cup coco powder and food process it, press in to mold and stick it in the fridge its pretty epic :) measurements might be off caus i made it alittle while ago but i think its right haha

Thank you sounds yummy!

I love making vegan pudding, especially chocolate pudding. Use coco or carob powder along with avocado and/or bananas and place into either a processor or blender. The exact amount is up to your preferences, add nondairy liquid to desired consistency either eat pronto or chill and enjoy later. Other optional things to add include coconut or berries. I haven't perfected it quite yet myself but I love it as do my children. Sorry, I'm not actually vegan but rather trying to find a better way of life.

Oh, and if you're craving ice cream I love many of the nondairy options available at Trader Joe's as well as the SO Delicious ice creams.

Thanks! Avocado huh, I’ll give it a try

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