Newbie with high-functioning autism

Hey everyone! I am new to this group, and I'm hoping that I'll be accepted here. I've been diagnosed with autism since I was about 2 years old. At first, I was placed in self-contained classes until 3rd grade when I started being mainstreamed. My parents have been such huge advocates, especially my mom. I just graduated from community college with an Associate's degree in Early Childhood Education, and I'm currently working at a program for people with autism. I'm very big on spreading awareness about autism any chance I get.

Bravo for you and to your wonderful mom! Welcome to the site!

Shellbell, my 22 month old little boy was just diagnosed with autism yesterday. Me and my wife are devastated but we are hopeful because he is very active and interact very well with the family and other people. The symptoms he has is the fact that he is not speaking, he does not respond all the time when you call his name and he doesn't point to stuff that he wants. the funny thing is he does point to stuff he wants to show you such as a bird or dog and such. I was wondering since you are high functioning, have your parents ever discussed with you what your symptoms were and whether or not they were severe when you were younger and what steps did they take to help you if you needed any. Thank you

Hi! I'm also on the spectrum--Asperger's. Nice to meet you! :)

i am proud of you. i hope to do a great job as your mom did. from your accomplishments you can help others!!! you will make many kids and families very confident that having autism is not the end of the world you have prooved that!!!!! i know my son will find his intrest ad he gets older. thanks to you the goals are endless!!!! god bless you