I'm codependent with a capital C. I was in a great mood the other day, got a lot accomplished for the first time in months and he came home in a bad mood, as he frequently does and it completely spoiled my mood and I wound up going to bed at 7:30. How do you handle this?

I'm a little confused about how this works. What am I supposed to use to just post something that I would like feedback on?

Thanks for your help!

Welcome to, I admire you for beng aware the you are a co-dependent as that will be half the battle in to beginning to STOP it. Start small, little things that you do to always try & make him feel better or happier, do your best to not notice, keep busy, do it as many times as it takes til it comes natural, then work to the next step & I'm sure there are sites for quick reference & step by step guide on this site and/or other post & links to look through that may be helpful.

Take care of you.