I am new to this and new to accepting that my anxiety is really impacting my life.

Looking back I have always had to "deal with nerves", often becoming physically ill when dealing with trauma or scary situations, however, I believe this all peaked for me in 2004 when my husband was diagnosed with sarcoma (bone cancer), we then welcomed our daughter into the world the following fall and... ...well life is rather blurry from that point on.

I have happy moments, yet I usually go days or months without a good nights sleep and I struggle constantly with the physical impact of generalized anxiety disorder.

I am blessed with an amazing husband (now very healthy) and two great kids, yet somehow I don't seem to show my happiness and often seem preoccupied to others.

I appreciate that I have found a place to communicate, or begin to communicate and I hope that through medication and support I can navigate some control of my anxiety!

Hi cdwilson, Seems like you have had alot to deal with all at once which has overwhelmed you. Have you seen a doctor and/or counselor for help? If not, I suggest seeing both. I had a time back in 1991 when I had alot to deal with. During that time I had a baby also. The depression and anxiety was terrible. I went to see a doctor and they sent me to a counselor which was very helpful. I felt better after just the first visit where I just unloaded everything. The counselor said i had been through alot all at once and it had overwhelmed me and i just hadn't had time to absorb everything. I eventually got better with help.

I also have generalized anxiety disorder. I take Effexor now to help with that.

Just know you are not alone. Keep sharing with us. We are here for you. ((((hugs))))