Hi everyone, my name is Kimberly and I am a new member of these support groups. I am working towards recovery of anorexia and over exercising. I am transitioning out of a treatment center by having only one meal a day there, and trying to find a job and create new relationships. I moved away from my home which was an unhealthy environment, so I don't know many people where I live now. I don't know anyone who is recovered from an eating disorder. I know many people who are struggling with one, but not anyone who is doing well, so it is very discouraging. I look forward to hearing from anyone:)

Don't worry; lots of people struggle, and lots of people relapse, but there are also plenty of people who are fully recovered and doing well. You may not recognize them because they're out there living normal, healthy lives. :-) I also get discouraged because so many of the people that I know who have eating disorders are not doing well. But, I also have the example of my big brother, an anorexic/bulimic who's now completely on the other side of it! It IS possible, and you CAN do it! Feel free to write to me any time you need encouragement--or if you want to hear more about my brother's story. Love ya, and I'll be praying for you. (P.S. -- have you read "Life without Ed?" The author of that is a very inspirational example of full recovery. I can give you some other titles, too, if you want.)

HEy, thanks so much for your reply. Can you tell me a little bit more about your brother’s recovery? It is very inspiring to know that he is living a healthy life now. I have started reading that book, but never finished it. There are a lot of books that I should read, I always put it off though. How are you doing?

Welcome to this site! This is a great place to begin and continue recovery. Cannot wait to hear from you more :)

Good Luck and keep writing


Hey! Welcome to the group! Writing here on this site has helped me immensely, all the people here are wonderful.

Best of luck in recovery, you can do it!

welcome kimberly!! :)

reach out reach out reach out

people here are SO supportive and willing to help

we are all in this with you. you CAN and ARE doing this

hugs to you

Hi Kimberely, welcome to this site! I completely understand what you mean when you say you want to connect with other people who are RECOVERING rather than sinking deeper into their eating disorders. I have made the mistake in the past of trying to confide in and help others who are going downhill when I havent been strong enough myself to help without being pulled back into relapse again.

I have found this site amazing for providing the support, understanding and encouragement I need on a daily basis. So please feel free to express yourself, your situations, feelings and experiences and dont be afraid to ask for help and advice when you need it. We are all certainly here for you in one way or another.

So a big welcome on board, we look forward to sharing your journey of recovery with you :-) xx

Thank you so much. I relate with you so much when you say that you have connected with people who are sinking deeper into their eating disorders. You try to help them while you are sinking even deeper yourself. I am making healthy choices transitioning out of treatment and following the meal plan. The guilt is so strong that it is so difficult to force myself to eat everything. But, I want to recover.

Hi Kimberly! You are obviously doing everything to can to recover, and using many types of resources to help you through it! Congratulations on all that you are doing!!
I know it's hard to keep going when you see people who continue to struggle. An ED is truly a monster that takes a lot of hard work to move away from..but it's absolutely possible! I am fully recovered after suffering for more than 35 years with anorexia. I never thought I would live to say that! I know many others who are also fully recovered, but unfortunately, many people don't believe it can happen, or have any example of it in their lives.
You CAN be fully recovered and leave this behind! Please don't ever give up, and keep fighting!! Take care..Jan ♥

Hey Kimberly- welcome! I can relate to you a lot because I am also in recovery from anorexia and overexercise and I also moved far away from home because of the unhealthy environment. This is a great site for support. Hang in there!