Newly-Diagnosed NHL Follicular 3 Mixed Lower Grade Hello

Hello: I've spent time reading posts here & am impressed by the thought behind them, & the thoughtFUL way people interact. I've seen other forums, & haven't gotten the same impressions.

Within the last month, it's been a whirlwhind diagnosis, starting w/a lump in my groin which turned out to be an enlarged lymph node. I've had what's been diagnosed as borderline lupus for about 10 years, but it looks like that may have not been the case ... could've been low-grade just taking its time & being obtuse.

I look forward to getting to know folks here w/whom I can share, & share in your stories. This is the sort of thing none of us expect ... yet when it comes our way, we need to find a community which intimately understands. I've a deep Christian-based faith, & a heckuva wicked sense of humor, so along w/the medical program, I'm implementing my own, "Faith & Funnies" program. I'll let you know how that works. ; >

Hi Linda

Seems we have much in common. My name is Linda, I have
FNHL also stage 3 in groin. The chains were swollen also in chest and abdomen hense never did radiation
am presently on cytoxan and prednasone treatment for just my first year now, my dx was aug. 09
My lymphnodes are presently a normal size and am as close to remission as can be expected, I maintain on a maintenenxe dose of the 2 meds.
How was you diagnosed if you don't mind my asking?
was it by biopsy? where are you in the schedual of
treatment and or diagnosis? you seem vague on the details and how you come about diagnosis is so very important because there are so many types.

Hello, Linda … I was diagnosed in the last month. Didn’t feel ill but found a lump in my groin. Since I had a gynecologist appt, I asked her to check it out. She immediately sent me for a CAT scan. My appt was 7:30 AM, I was home by 8:30 AM & by 9:10 AM, she’d called, saying I needed to get to an oncologist–& she’d made my appt. I was @ the oncologist’s ofc that afternoon. Between a CAT scan, PET scan, & removal of a biopsy for the enlarged lymph node, it’s been diagnosed as Follicular Grade 3 mixed w/lower grade–verified by numerous sources.

Two oncologists said I should have CHOP-R. From all referrals & what I’ve read, I’ll go w/that, starting a week from Monday. My port will be inserted a week from tomorrow … 6 - 8 months.

I’m a big supporter of the reality of the mind/body connection–our attitude is a great part of our recovery & quality of life. I believe in the Law of Attraction & refuse to entertain negativity in how I deal w/this new chapter in my life.

Blessings to all…

Hi Linda, sorry to meet you under these circumstances but wishing you a gentle journey and good health. I see that you are grade 3 but am curious as to what stage you are? Both are highly relevant in treatment choices. I assume the grading is what is driving the decision to go right to R-CHOP, which makes sense as it means your FL consists of mostly large cell in the biopsy.

I too try to take a positive approach to everything that happens in my life. I also have FL but with many questions around both my diagnosis (after two years) and treatment choices at this point. You can see my other posts for details should you choose.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and wish you the best that life offers as you go forward with this journey.

Good health,


Hi Linda, I am new at this since today. I need to feel like i am not alone. My husband can't deal with reality. I have stage 4. My story is very long. I was mis diagnosed for a long time, and had 2 trips to the ER and was sent home with a pulled groin muscle and an ulser. I had so many lymphnodes enlarged from my groin to my intestines and stomach, chest and under both arms and in my bone marrow. I was in remisssion since Feb, but now its in my left arm again. I see a new Oncologist this week..thats a long story too. I tell my sister only the good die young. She tells me to start doing bad things :)

Hi-I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma a year and a half ago. I went through chemo all last summer-have a negative scan X 2. I am a million % better than I was. Ususally I just blast on with my busy life, and don't think a whole lot about it. But I was curious--do other survivors periodically poke at their lymph nodes? Especially right before their next checkup? I tell myself not to live "one scan to the next"--but sometimes I catch myself doing it. Just looking to connect with some other folks going through this. Thanks!

I dont think we can help it. I too never let up on my busy life. I kept working even though i didn’t have to. sometimes i think even my family forgot for a minute. I went through Chemo fairly easily. I really dont think you will ever let your guard down. I really dont think we should. This cancer will always pop back up from my understanding. Thats where they get controlable not cureable. Try not to dwell on what this, but pay attention to your body. I didnt untill i was stage 4. I let the doctors tell me my cough was sinus drainage, my arm swelling was work related, my sweats were menopause. Keep checking!
good luck Tammy

Thx for all the comments. It's always good to have some sort of "community" when it comes to issues as serious as this. Since my original note, I've had 2 chemo treatments & they have both been very kind to me. Four more are expected.

I do not abide any sort of negative lifestyle. I've never lived that way & don't plan to do so now. Life DOES continue & so ... let's live. Do we sometimes have our moments? Yes. Do we sometimes worry? Of course. I believe we're all human.

Yet there IS merit to the, "You are what you think" philosophy. Even the Bible says, paraphrased, "What a man thinketh he is." Think positive ... what's the worse that can happen?!

Blessings to all!

nice!!! Exactly what i feel. People say “you would never know your sick” I say “it is waht it is” and i cant change things so i live my life, and try to do exactly what i would do if i didnt have Lymphoma. Do i get bad times…yes, but i get thought them. When i was very ill last year my best friend came over to sit with me and she cried and i am comforting her, telling her it will be alright. We laughed and said what is wrong with this picture. She came to comfort me but instead i conforted her. She ask me how i deal so well withit all. I say I retend it doesnt exist untill Chemo or doctor’s Day. I go on living my life. Some say I’m not livng with the reality of the whole thing, but I say I only have to deal with it when I have to.

Tammy, I'm with you. You ARE living w/the reality of it. There's no reason to mope. It doesn't do any good. I saw Dr. Wayne Dyer on TV recently--he's been diagnosed w/Leukemia, BTW--& something he said had real impact on me. He said we shouldn't worry about that over which we have control ... if we CAN control it, we should. And we shouldn't worry about that over which we have no control ... if we have no control over it, our worry is useless.

Bottom line? Worry is useless. It only causes negative thoughts, & negative thoughts breed more negative thoughts. If I'm to be accused of being Pollyanna, well, bring it on. People are always surprised at my PMA--positive mental attitude--but if that's the type of person I am, & it is, why would I change now ... when I need that PMA the most?

I applaud YOUR PMA, Tammy. Keep it up ... & prayers & blessings to all!

Thnaks…I refuse to sit back and wait to die. I have days i feel bad physically but keep going. There are so many of my friends that want me to quit my job. I am not a sstay at home person. I have a sister with MS and all she does is sit at home and dwell on her life. She has very few if any friends. She lives like she is already dead, and has for 10 years. She lives in her PJ’s and rarely gets out. The thing is she could have had a life the last 10 years. I cant stant it. I am so busy with life i have no time for dwelling. Good for you too. I like a fighter. I’m not sure sometimes if i hurt myself working too hard. But I wont be a slave to this.