Newly diagnosed? Stage 1 grade1

So the pathology of node diagnosed follicular non hodgkins. Bone marrow test, blood work And ct's of abdomen, pelvis, neck & chest all showed nothing? I'm going for a second opinion Thursday. Anyone know what will b next? Do u think anything can Else can show up? This is a hard cancer to find I was told.

Hi Zipper, Welcome to this site. We have quite a few people who have Follicular NHL. It sounds like they caught yours early which is good. I bet the second (which I am so glad you're getting) will advise the Watch and Wait treatment. As long as you are not having symptoms affecting your health and if all your vital organs are fine they will just do scans every three months. But because yours was discovered near your liver they may do treatment. The second may want to do a biopsy of a lymph node in a different area, but if the scans are clean they may not. The final decision will be yours if they give you option of chemo or watching. There are pro's and cons for each but for any of the slow growing (indolent) ones which seldom are cured, often the chemo treatments are harder on the body than the lymphoma. All of this is new and I am sure pretty **** scary, but because you do not have an aggressive type you have time to weigh your options after you hear what your second has to say. And you've come to the best site for moral support and answers to future questions. I am looking forward to hearing what the second says! Take care and post when you can! KBeale

Thank you. That sounds very intelligent. I asked why they don't just go back & remove the remainder of the node & the md said cause it's surgery?.. Personally that sounds better than radiation given an option?! Perhaps I'd b cancer free?!! beScary to have 50%of a node left w it but then again if ppl have the watch & wait diagnoses they must have it in them as well & isn't a big deal til symptoms arise? I believe I suffer from night sweats because I am 7 yrs post menopause. Seldom I have a heat flash during the day but the night sweats have been yrs. Off & on. Akst every pm but in the past I've gone weeks w/out having to "shed" my clothing. I have non pathelogical sized reactive looking lymphnodes in my neck (also suffer from a goiter 28 yrs) & it wonders me I they could b cancerous however I cxld the biopsy because my md says just like te bone marrow test there could n cancer right next to it in a node we don't test and the 1 we test could b negative. The 1st md wanted to wait 3 months post surgery for the pet scan because my gall bladder surgery will b very "active" looking still. It'll b 90? Days til the scars will b anxious for John Hopkins so I can go on w life & know exactly where I'm at w this. The 1st oncologist says 70% of the time it's elsewhere in ur body & it's real hard to find. Radiation was suggested for the partial lymphnode left (it looked normal to surgeon) but if its elsewhere we need to do chemo as well.

Hi Zipper,Your onc is right it very seldom is local.I was Dx in 1995 Follicular stage 1with a node on the collar bone.Long story short they did local radiation and it turned out a waste of time as the cancer had already spread.A car accident just after I finished radiation proved that.I never got a second opinion at the start -dumb move!Changed oncs 8 months or so later,was actually stage3 all along.Actually had my first node removed on my own as no one thought it was cancer.Many doctors haven't a clue when it comes to NHL and it can be tricky.Once I had a node pop inside my cheek and another time on my eyebrow.Neither time did drs think it was NHL till I went and had it removed.This isn't always the best route as if they don't get the whole mass it comes right back.This has happened to me twice.Then there is no choice but treatment with radiation and Rituxan separately.The problem for me was these masses grew quickly even though this is considered a slow growing cancer.I'm surprised they haven't suggested Rituxan as a first line of treatment.Can't really see where the Radiation would be that helpful unless the node is quite large.Rituxan did not work for me in head areas.Good luck keep us posted if I can help answer any questions I'll try.Michele Dx95 FNHL3

How quickly is quickly that yours grew? I cant help but b paranoid now:/

Zipper,Please don't stress yourself out.This was over 6 months to a yr.For me it seemed quick.It really is a slow cancer.After all I'm still here almost 17 years later.Take care,Michele

Thanks Michele. I'm in Lancaster county PA. Where r u? What kinda testing did u have? 4 more days then I can "relax" & move on & forget about it. I just want answers then I'll keep busy. I'm not a hypochondriac in fact it bothers me to listen to others complain. W arthritis & osteo aches I just keep plugging along. No sense letting it get mr down & it don't help to complain. I am 46 how old r u?

Many of us here, the females, that is, laugh when we are asked about night sweats. yeah right! Is it heat/hot flashes or the Lymph? I don't know.,. I still get heat flashes, not hot enough to lay in sweat, but enough to throw off the covers. Often i it just my body, or the Lymph.
You certainly have the right attitude. Keep that up, and you'll be fine. Really. Watch and wait has it's faults, but most of us on that manage to live our lives with no interruption except for those pesky three mo checkups. And if you do need treatment? It's come a looooong way, and it ain't so very awful. Many of us had few side effects, and continued to get haircuts. You are fortunage to be near John Hopkins. I am in Western MA, and went to Dana Farber in Boston for my second, but it turned out that I could go local for my oncy (oncology) stuff.
Please continue to post, and when you learn exactly what you do the other posts, and the older posts, and you will learn that most of us have had this a loooong time, and no one is going anywhere.
Take care, and try not to stress.

Zipper we live to the east just outside of Pittsburgh.I'm 56 and got my cancer before age40.Blood tests ,Gallium,CTs whole body scan ,bone marrow and heart tests.I may have missed something would need to look in my folder and see if I saved that stuff.Always a good idea to get copies of all tests and bloodwork to keep for home.Take care,Michele Dx95 FNHL3

What's a gallium? How's a body scan done?? Thanx for bein here got me:)

Hi,The Gallium scan is a nuclear scan ,like a CT.Guess I wrote that wrong it was a Ct scan of the body.Why they did the two I don't know wasn't to up on cancer back then.They don't hurt other then maybe iv on the CT and shot on the other.Today most times they use Rituxan/Chop as a first line of treatment.Maybe the Gallium was to check the heart.Either way they are to see how far the cancer spread so they can work up a treatment plan.Today I I have Pet/CT scans done to check my cancer.Hugs,Michele Dx95 FNHL3

Thank u michele! Best of luck today!!! I'll b here for ya. In case ya ddnt figure it out yet. I'm self employed & have the Internet & all on my I phone:)