Newly Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia

Hi I was diagnosed four months ago with fibromyalgia by a specialist here in Newfoundland, Canada. After he examined me, he asked me questions leading to wheather or not I was depressed and he said it doesn't seem like you are very depressede and how I didn't have to explain anything else that he knew what was wrong woth me. Told me that I had fibromyalgia and for me to look it up on the internet. Sent me home, after setting me up with apppointments to have a sleep study done and a bone scan and I have to call him now to set up another appointment to see him soon. Hesitant to do that because how much knowledge do he have on fibromyalgia when he tells you to look it up on the internet and sends you on your way. I guess I should give him a second chance.
I would love to hear from others with Fibromyalgia. What I have learned about it is what I have read on here. What I can tell you is that I am 44 years old and for years I have complained about pain in different parts of the body that came and went for years. Back in Sept. I took with severe pain in my knees, worst in the right knee and basically basically pain in every other part of the body. I find it very hard to sleep, tired all the time, have difficulty doing even the simpliest of household tasks and have difficulty even walking acrosst he floor at times. When I am lied down I have difficulty getting comfortable with all the body basically hurting. I have migraines quite often (daily at times), I have trouble with my memory and the lists goes on. I am allergic to aspirin and codiene so I am currently taking Tynanol which as far I am concerned is totally useless.
I would love to hear from others to see how ye deal with Fibromyalgia and to just have peoople I can correspond with. It is hard to deal with daily life when most family and friends don't have a clue about what you are dealing with. All I know is that life as I once knew it is now gone and I have to find a way to get through each day as best as I can.

Hi Connie, thank you so much for being here and for sharing with us. I don't have Fibromyalgia, but I am here to offer my support and help. Have you ever thought to have a second opinion, because your doctor telling you to research online rather than taking the time to answer your questions or to inform you doesn't seem right. I think that it would be nice to at least have your doctor or a nurse in the office be there to advise and answer questions, rather than referring you to the internet for research on your own. Just my thoughts on it.

Sending you tons of healthy healing energy.

Thank you for your lovely comment. I have thought about getting a second opinion however from what I have read on here about fibermyalgia I believe that I do have it. I am going to go and see that specialist again and give him a second chance but if I don’t feel more comfortable with him I am going to insist on seeing someone else. I want a doctor who is up on fibromyalgia and who is going to support and do what he can to help me. Actually I am going to insist on seeing another specialist because the more I think about it the more I feel he is not the doctor for me. Thank you for taking the time to write me. It did my heart good to hear from you. Take care.

Hi Connie, I am so happy that you decided to see another specialist. Go with your instinct on this, because obviously it's telling you to move on from this doctor. You are so right, he should be completely up on Fibromyalgia and not just telling you to go research it yourself; that's a huge red flag. How can he tell you that you have it without knowing enough about it himself. I'd love to know how your next appointment goes. I hope that you're happy and smiling today.

Connie, my name is Jon Wegner and I live in West Fargo, North Dakota. I have multiple sclerosis. Starting in July of 2010 I had a MS exacerbation. By October I couln't walk, couldn't pickup my feet, I had a searing pain in my lower back and my fatigue was at an all time high. I have an electric scooter. As long as the weather is nice I can get around but I knew that winter, cold and snow was coming.

The Helen Foundation had just opened a clinic in West Fargo in October so I went to a seminar. The clinic helps people with autoimmune diseases like MS and fibromyalgia. Afte listening to the seminar I signed up that night. Go to Click on science for the details.

HF uses Microdose Therapy. The founder (Virgil Stenberg) developed it for his wife Helen who had crippling arthritis. I'll let you read about it but after two weeks I was able to walk again with my walker. More importantly I was also able to get in my van and drive it! I continued the therapy for 2 months. It consists of taking monitored doses of cortisol. Long story short here I am in January walking with my walker and having more energy than in the last 20 years. My brain fog is less and I have less fatigue.

Microdose therapy is not a cure for autoimmune diseases but it got me back on my feet and feeling like doing things again. I don't work for the Helen Foundation but I'm a satisfied customer!!

Jon - 701-205-1216

Sorry Connie, I made a mistake! First one this year. lol You want to click on research instead of science. They must have changed that.

I have a wicked companion, its’ name is fibromyalgia. I walked hand-in-hand with this syndrome since 2001. I bent over backwards for this arrogant terror, giving it my strength, handing over my happiness, transferring ownership of my power but it always wanted more. Fibromyalgia was a thief within me.

For years I searched for the magic bullet, the one simple solution that would take my troubles away. And I found it!

I urge even the most cynical to give this a try. What do you have to lose? I wave my wand and give to you, Sunflower oil. Drink ¼ cup a day and also rub it onto your sore muscles once a day. Relief will be yours. You’ll gain an inch because you are standing up straight. You’ll wake-up within moments of the alarm. Your fog will clear and you will see the world again. I promise!

Sunflower oil is made from sunflowers. A 24 ounce bottle can be purchased at a local health food store for around $11.

Be advised when you start feeling better if you stop taking the sunflower oil your symptoms will return. Also don’t over exert yourself. Even when you feel like running and jumping just walk and hop. Slowly increase your physical exercise or else you’ll end up back at square one.