Newly Diagnosed

I am overwhelmed right now. I was just diagnosed with colorectal cancer with Mets, Stage IV. People want to bring you their religion, diet suggestions, and if I choose not to get chemo, Why am I giving up the fight? I do not want to isolate from others but this is overwhelming. Maybe because I am a nurse and I am used to educating others. I can't believe that I was so healthy, 48 at time of diagnosis, and just had a BD and now 49. I always exercised, tried to eat healthy, etc.

Hi, gerifoster. I'm so sorry to hear your diagnosis.
My spouse has nfl and I've found this group to be supportive.
You are not alone.
There are even other helath professionals on some threads.

I'm just guessing, but people may be doing what they thnkis helpful by saring their religion or diet suggestions.
My husband is stage IV and folks don't know what to say,but want to say something they think will help.
May you find help here from others.
Glad you found suppportgroups.

Sending you all my best.

Thank you nature. I believe people do want to help. Thank you for reminding of the true facts. I meet with the oncologist on 5/6. I do not believe I may get chemo. If it had been found at stage I, II, or III yes. I had complained to five doctors of severe abominal burning for over one year.

Oh, gerifoster. My heart goes out to you! I'm so sorry those 5 doctors did not knwo what to do.
Hubby, at stage IV is feeling worse some days. he had complained of fatigue to a doc earlier, but was not diagnosed with lymphoma, or we would have gone to his onc earlier.

Please be kind to yourself.
Sening you prayers and good thoughts.

All my best.

My husband was diagnosed with colonrectal cancer last August he is 49 yrs. old it has already spread to the liver. He had to have an ileostomey and had chemo. I must say he handled it all very well, no vomiting or hair loss, he does have problems with tingling and numbness in his hands and feet, the lesions on his liver have shrunk enough that next Wednesday he goes in to try and have them removed. he has such a positive attitude, however he doesn't talk about the prognosis much and I find myself keeping a lot inside. I hope this group will help me :)

pls, i had stage 2 colorectal in 2010, do juicing, carot, cucmber, celery, ginger. i did chemo, radiation, surgery also had illeostomy for app 2 months