This is the first time I have done anything like this. But I'm going through a divorce and don't know many people here. I was hoping to just be able to read and share feelings with people in similar situations.

Hi there. I am sorry to hear about your situation. I believe there are people coming here from all over (the US and the rest of the world). Please let us know what is going and I would be happy to help and share:)

That was very sweet. Thank you. I don’t even know where to begin. Sometimes the sadness is overwhelming. Although I wanted the divorce it is still emotionally draining. I don’t know what to do. We just moved here from California and he has a huge support group of friends (we moved to his hometown, horrible mistake on my part) and I feel so alone. Although I have friends at work, the weekends without the kids are torture. Either everyone I meet is married or in a relationship. I just don’t know what to do.

NewtoOhio, welcome to, as abner said you have people from all over the world here. Feel free to talk/vent/share anything you want, we're here to listen & talk it through with.

Take care of you.


hi, i too am going thru a divorce, i am in wva so maybe we can chat and support each other thru this, there are alot of great people here who give great advice, i know i have been spilling my guts for 2 weeks here and everyone has been very supportive and caring, let us know whats going on and we can help, were here for you

That was very sweet. Thank you. I’m having some difficulties navigating through the site and finding the conversations that are going on. Are you just beginning the divorce process, or is yours final? This is the hardest thing I’ve ever been through and although I wanted the divorce, I never imagined how difficult it is emotionally. Especially for the children.

Hi I am just starting in divorce. She is who filed in my case. I don't want the divorce but my wife has alot of secrets in her life like a bad gambling addiction and she figures this is her way out please read my posts and you can see what I'm going thru. Stay in touch. Ok

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I too moved from California (born & raised) to Mississippi in '94 (culture shock) was the wrong thing to do, I know that too NOW UGH!!!!!

Where in California?

Where in California?

San Diego county, was born outside of Los Angeles & slowly moved south, I still have 2 sisters living there, 1 in Thousand Oaks, the other way up north in Sutter Creek. Now I'm missing HOME :( OOPS sorry.

I love San Diego! I went to the University of San Diego. Loved it! Now I’m stuck in nothing-to-do-Ohio. Fun!

I went to Saddleback college,& I know the feeling its difficult tracking across the United States & there you are & NOW WHAT..... have you thought about going back home?

I'd have to have 10jobs to be able to sustain life back home, **** cost of living is 5x's higher there & my kids now 18 & 26 are here so I'll hang awhile longer. My sister in Thousand Oaks got caught in that real estate crap so I cant afford to pitch in on here mortage & move in w/her, my other sister up north has 2 houses on her property & said if something happened to the retired lady that she rents it to then her & I would talk. I watch the comparables in my area & nothings selling & I look on line for properties somewhere else AZ. Co. was there 3yrs. I was also trying to get a friend to move from Ca. to here cause she cant find work.

@April hi there can I ask you something