Nice to see that I'm not the only gold ticket winner

I was told on 8-31-10 and will remember that date for the rest of my life. Got to go for my pul. function test and my echo gram on 9-8-10 then my Pet/Ct on 9-13-10. My doctor thinks that I'm at a level 2.
I'm glad to see so many possitive outcomes here and I wish everyone well with there treatments and recovery. I will be looking forward to sharing what I, (WE) are going through.

I can relate so well. My date was August 17th 2010 and hearing those words just brought emotions out that I never thought I had. I look forward to hearing what you are going through...stay strong and I will too :)

I started my 1st cycle of chemotherapy (BEACOPP) on 8-31-10, just hours after my cousin's wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy at the same hospital! What a day, right? :)

ccontonio and smoothb, good luck with everything - I know the initial process of screenings and examinations can get frustrating. Once you start chemotherapy and things get moving, you'll be able to see things from a better perspective. Hang on tight, don't lose patience.

Thank you so much. It does seem that lately I’ve spent a lot of time at the hospital going through all the initial
screenings! :slight_smile: How are you feeling? Seems like you had a very busy day!

I'm feeling really well! I was hospitalized Tuesday-Friday, got a groin catheter (I have no veins in my arms whatsoever), and only got sick on the first night. During the day I was mostly braindead and too tired to read/think.

I'm going back for more IVs tomorrow morning. Right now it looks like I'll only be getting 4 cycles of BEACOPP baseline + 30Gy. I'm stage 2A w/ Nodular sclerosis. Initially they told me I'll have 4 escalated + 4 baseline cycles, and it's all kinda confusing. At least I know the timeline now - like what days I'm at the hospital and what days I'm free, so I can actually plan and do stuff, not just sit around and wait like I did all of August.

smoothb, I'm kind of in the same boat. I have a 20 month old and my wife is due on the 9-23-10. Lots of things go through your mind. Hopefully you have a good support team behind you to help you out. Have you gone for your pet/ct scan yet ?

Hannah, Sounds like another day to never forget. Did your doctor recommend a "port IV" ? I am going to get one just in case. Good to hear your feeling well. Keep me posted.

I'll be getting a port in place for my 2nd cycle of chemotherapy. I couldn't get one before because there wasn't enough room in my chest. Now that the tumors are getting smaller, I'm finally able to get a port, so things are gonna get much easier now!

i'm the same; even though my veins were okay toward the end they started to let me down so a PICC line was inserted into my upper arm. was really handy because my ABVD (2a NSHL) treatment really stung as it entered the vein and the oncologist nurses mentioned that the actually insertion of the med into a small vessel can actually be damaging to the surrounding tissue.

good luck guys and remember to push for what you need and want. it's your body.

p.s. my date is 7th December 2009 at 20:00 (one for the books)

My doctor didn't even ask if I wanted a port. He told me at my age and health I don't need it, plus I an run a risk of infection. I am Stage II Type A. But I must say that my viens are starting to get a little weak. I have three good viens in each arm and rotate each week I have a needle in them (one week chemo and the other week blood tests). I go in for my 5th treatment Wednesday and then go in Thursday for re-hydration treatment. For those who are having a rough time after chemo, I DO recommend this! My first treatment of chemo I was so dehydrated and felt awful. So my dr. started me on this re-hdration day right after chemo (and when I get the Nuelesta shot) and it makes a BIG difference.
My last day is November 17th and I am counting down the days! WHOOT! Good luck to you all!