Night sweats

Can someone please tell me the difference between night sweats & heat flashes?? Why do they say night? Do u experience them only when they wake u!?

I have night sweats all the time. I don't know the technical reason for the name or exactly what determines them to be night sweats. I wake up sweaty and I cannot sleep while i am hot.

i think the difference is because a hot flash is when you go from being hot to cold and night sweats are when you wake up sweating really bad all over the place.

Both are basically the same. Heat flashes happen on and off all the time and can get you quite sweaty also but night sweats only happen at night. Not everyone gets wet but many do!

I have had them for a month...last night I got a break....I have never experienced anything like it....I lay a towel on top of my bed...then but one on my pillow.....when I wake up soaking I switch them out....try sleeping with an afghan that has holes to let in some air but still keep you warm.....that helped me

My doc said with a night sweat you are "soaked" and must change clothes.Don't think I ever had one.Hot flashes yes.My hot flashes would come and go quite quickly and sweat would run off my forehead and face.Good luck,Michele DX95 FNHL3

My friends that have night sweats do not have them ever during the day?