No hope left

My husband was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage 1A in 2006. Received chemo and radiation. Within a few months after 3 lymph nodes showed up not following the chain of lymph nodes, and were behind the major organs with one near an artery. only 2% don't get cured from this we were told. Decision by surgeon and hubby to wait and see. Oct 2009 bumps appeared under arms and neck. Given chemo for symptoms then scheduled for autologous stem cell transplant. Went through relatively unscathed - except a blood clot from central line, & undiagnosed rash. Felt quite good for 40 days then suddenly was exhausted, couldn't eat, etc. Clinic gave fluids and anti-nausea which helped and took virus tests, etc. All signs that the blood was rebuilding well, but he kept getting weaker. Last Thursday we were given results of a recent PET and CAT scan and basically told there were 3 lymph nodes showing active and to go home and put things in order. Dr wouldn't give ANY idea of estimated time, and said there is no further treatments available. ThisOh and hubby has ogliomegavirus infection to boot now. We were sad at first and now mad. We need alternative ideas for treatments anywhere, and wonder has anyone else gone through this and what has happened? Hubby has started back on his alternative medicine that he took for the 4 years before more lymph nodes acted up again. Please help if you can.


Welcome to this group. I am an occasional participant. You certainly have some difficult news to deal with. I am interested in exactly which strain of Hodgkin's your husband had. When it recurred, was it the SAME strain, or a different one ? (HL and NHL sometimes morph into other forms of cancer.)

I am no expert, but I have heard of individuals who could not achieve remission being then treated for MAINTENANCE, which at times can extend life significantly. Hence, I would ask if a MAINTENANCE therapy is appropriate.

Beyond that, I do not know what I would do, other than seeking a second or third opinion for a different oncology provider.

Bless you and your husband, and may some cause for hope appear,




I'm so sorry about what you have to go through. I would suggest getting a second opinion, for sure.

I'll keep you and your husband in my thoughts.

Keep us posted.

There is a cancer center in Reno, NV that treats cancer using Eastern medicines. I know of a few people who have undergone treatment there who were unable to beat cancer using Western medicine. There is also the Pine Institute in the Bay Area in Ca, that may offer some alternative treatments. Both of these places fight the cancer with nutrition and IV infusions of vitamins instead of chemo. I don't have any statistics about results but it may be a start for alternative treatments. Also, talk with your oncologist- or a new one about using these practices together. Fight from all sides-

God Bless and good luck,



Are there any developments with your husband ? While the failure of the salvage (secondary) treatment may mean no further treatment options, if the recurring cancer came back as a DIFFERENT cancer, then this might open a door for other treatments.

It is a long shot, but, as I said, a new result from a new biopsy may be of value. Usually, cancer changes do not occur nearly this fast, showing up (usually) only long after initial treatments, but most of these statistics have rare exceptions.

Good luck to you,