No matter how far

no matter how far.......

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Do you think God gets mad if we drift away

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@drewfc no I don’t I believe HE is a loving forgiving DADDY I believe HE is our FATHER and only wants what is best for us.

Honestly I don't think God is mad at us if we drift away because I believe he already knows and he welcomes us back with loving arms. Faith is challenged everyday. But remember he only gives what you can handle, which may seem like a lot and terrible but there is only light when you can keep your faith.

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@Raetj Amen Faith is good to have and it can be hard because people can’t see faith so it is hard for some people to trust. I feel I have been very blessed by GOD and HIS blessings on me and others

That's amazing! and you're absolutely right about what they can not see it's hard to believe in, but when you do believe then nothing is impossible.

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@Raetj Amen I agree :slight_smile:

God IS Love.

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@FindingFreedom33 Amen :slight_smile:

argh.... I love Him so much but sometimes I feel like He doesn't love me. Rationally and spiritually I know that's BS, His love far exceeds my craziness. But when I'm all f'd up in the head and it seems like everything is a mess, I start to wonder. Thanks for the reminder.. and yes, @hopealways... I lose hope but somehow gain it back again. Well said.

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@blackbirdjessa -I think so many of us doubt his love, especially if we are depressed etc. But he is there! -hope is a powerful thing! :slight_smile:

@hopealways Amen my friend I agree GOD is good and HE is loving and forgiven HE also gave us free will to make choices and I believe that is I along with others make the mistakes. :-)