No matter what kind of research I do or who I talk to, I'm a

No matter what kind of research I do or who I talk to, I'm always told that there is no cure for ptsd. If that's true, is it possible to live a happy, normal life even though I suffer from ptsd and all it entails (and some other stuff) ? I want to move forward but with my ptsd and stuff getting in the way, I'm not sure how...

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PTSD sucks

@hunterx88 How you're doing? ? I hoped you are doing well.... You are doing research, and found there isn't a cure for PTSD. Did you speak to your therapist? Have you found anyone who suffered with PTSD, that lived a normal, and happy Life? There has to be people, that are happy, and lived a full life. I suppose it's the degree of the PTSD, everybody is different.....You can move forward, but you 've to be given the know how to do so..... In the meanwhile stopped worrying so much...Yes, judging from your post, something is wrong. I am still praying for you. Be strong the best is yet, to follow...... SG friends are here, to support, and be supported.

There isn't a "cure" in the sense that there isn't a magic pill you can take to make it all go away. Trauma changes the brain and the way it responds to perceived threats. This change takes place in the most primal part of the brain, so that's why it's so resistant to change. But it can be done. different things work for different individuals; there is no "cure all" for PTSD. Find what works for you and what manages your symptoms the best.