No Motivation

What do you do when nothing motivates you? I am gaining weight at a fast pace yet nothing can motivate me to work out. My daughter, my husband, health problems, the want to look good....none of it motivates me. What the hell do I do? Force myself to do it which will make me end up hating it even more? I feel like I want to punch myself in the face to knock some sense into me. Grrrr!

Hi Texasgirl22, thank you so much for sharing. I am so sorry for what you are going through and how you are feeling. May I ask why you hate working out so much? As well, is there a reason why you are gaining weight at a fast pace? I am here to help you in any way that I can.

Thank you! :) The only reasons I can think of as to why I hate working out are the ways it makes me feel. I hate sweating, I hate gasping for breath, I hate that my chest hurts, I hate the way my legs hurt when I do my elyptical. It's just the entire act brings no joy to me whatsoever.
I do not know why I am gaining weight fast. I eat small meals and healthy snacks through out the day. I think it's my nights and weekends. At night, I eat crappy dinners and I eat at restaurants with friends a lot. I drink a lot on the weekends. Those are huge factors. During the days I stay on track and tell myself not to eat at restaurants or drink but once the weekend comes and I am social, I eat out and drink. I have so much fun with my friends that I hate to deprive myself. I know I can still have fun by not drinking or getting the most fattening meals. I just want to live it up and have it all I guess. I don't know...

texasgirl22 - i am right where you are right now. motivating to do anything is so hard, and it depresses me that i have gained weight and don’t look the way i want to. The only thing i do that may help you is to focus on how you feel after you work out. i know i hate working out but i have to force myself to do or else i never will. keep you mind on the feeling of accomplishment afterwards and how that makes you feel. hope that helps!

Thank you Victoria. I do like the way it makes me feel afterwords. I did enjoy my aerobic yoga. But right now our TV is not in the living room so I have no room to do it. I have asked my husband to move it back so I can work out but he hasn't done it yet. I was also hoping the Wii Fit and Zumba would work out for me. (Which I will get around Christmas.) I am scared that if I force myself to do it, I will end up resenting it all together I guess. Sounds weird. I know I need to do it and I kind of want to (the video anyway, the elyptical can wait), it is a matter of getting the motivation.

Texasgirl22 I deal with a lot of the same problems your are talking about when with friends. I eat pretty decent when I'm at home or by myself but when we got out I don't always pick the best stuff and I also drink those days. I do work out on a regular basis which I use as somewhat of a stress reliever for me. My suggestion would be to start with something small that you can handle and don't hate doing. This could be the yoga you mentioned or maybe evening going for a short walk. Just make sure it's something you don't mind doing or even that you enjoy. This should help out and from there you can increase how much you do.

I did a boot camp that started a few months ago and I remember the first few weeks were really tough because I had a hard time keeping my breath and struggled to do a lot of the exercises all the way. This was really frustrating for me because I've played sports all of my life and I thought how did I let myself get into such poor shape. But I just did what I could and steadily each week got a little easier and I was able to do a little more. I think the key is just know your limits and don't over exaggerate yourself because then you will end up hating it and not wanting to stick with it. Just remember that anything you do will help. Good luck and I hope you find something that works for you. :)

i feel you both. it is so easy to hate working out. but the wii sounds like lots of fun, so i’m sure it will be different and something new, and i’m sure you can get a lot of different workouts on there so it won’t be boring and you can mix it up. also maybe look into a class that sounds fun. i have always wanted to take ballet, but feel silly doing it as an adult. i am actually looking into taking a ballet class at the local city college. so maybe something like that would be fun. good luck!

hey texasgirl,
i do agree that the weekends (the way you describe them) are probably the main reason for your current weight gain although of course we'd have to look into your intake and output in more detail.
are you aware as to hom many extra empty calories you taking through drinking alcohol? and additionally, alcohol slows down the metabolism (at least while it's in the blood). if you don't want to completely skip it could you try to drink at least less and have a lot of water in between drink? and rather stick to wine or beer rather than hard drinks and/or cocktails?
re the restaurant food: do you ask for your meals to be adjusted, let's say grilled rather than fried, no butter etc? do you have starters and desserts? if so could you skip them? you don't have to not go for meals with your friends but simply make the right choices.

about the work outs:
i'm there with you that being on the elliptical or such is a pain in the bum. last night for example i really didnt wanna do anything but i knew that i'd feel double bad if i didn't push myself, one, for feeling guiltay and two, for not haveing that elated feeling after working out. yes, it hurst, yes it's hard, but how great does it feel after wards, when you've achieved a new PB (i always try to manage a faster pace and hence more distance, no calorie counting here), when you can feel those muscles aching, even screaming, because it means that there is not only fat on you? when you manage daily things easier like playing with the kids, carrying them around, carrying groceries etc? when you can sleep better and deeper and actually have more energy? isn't that great?

otherwise, if you hate the elliptical so much why not go outside powerwalking? it's a brilliant weightloss tool, believe me. or could you have a friend with you to distract you from the agony? when i train people they often come in two so that they can talk to each othere as well as push each other on.
and definitely do things that you enjoy. nobody says you need a gym to lose weight. i myself am rather outdoors hiking, walking, cycling etc. or how about swimming? yes, get that TV sorted and do dvds again (i LOVE vinyasa flow yoga!!). ot join some classes like zumba. or even dancing, it's brilliant.
i am a huge advocate of resistance training especially for women but again you don't need a gym for it (although i love lifting properly) but you can use your own body: squats, push up variations, crunches, etc. there is loads to do.

sorry this turned into a novel but it's one of my fav topics cause i really think you just gotta find the right thing and you can get going.

keep us posted and if it's only to help motivate you :-)

lots of love