No one knows of you or what you meant to me. No one knows of

No one knows of you or what you meant to me. No one knows of you because I've locked the door and thrown away the key. Did you know I loved you, of what you meant to me? Did you see the flame I held for you, where our choices would lead? If you did you could have told me, placed those burdens within me. If you did why didn't you tell me, I just wanted you to be free. Free from my darkness that scream and torment me endlessly. Free from the darkness inside me, that haunts me in my sleep. I was not meant to survive you, it was never meant to be. I was meant to leave before you, but you led the way so selfishly. The world is so dark without you all I want is to leave. The world's so cold without you there's nothing left for me. I must live with this pain because I failed you unceremoniously. I must live with this torment the only punishment that is fitting. my demons my only companions, to stand watch while I atone. My demons without them I would truly be alone. I'll remain in this darkness a forgotten King sitting upon his broken throne. I'll remain in this world without the one who holds my soul, alone.

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Hi Ian,
I always enjoy reading what you write.

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@kisobel thank you, I’m glad you enjoy reading them. It’s been a rough couple of weeks so I needed to write it out and vent a little.