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I am feeling deeply hurt and actually feeling angry..out w/husband who 1st of all never waks w/me ,never walks by my side always ahead...never stands up for me in any given situation,especialy when it comes to having to deal w/ other women.puts me down constantly..I am feeling so hurt,angry,. tears are totally useless only get me more upset..can not talk it out w/him, because there is no understanding.and he gets angry w/me..want to cry,run.needed to release. sorry

You don't deserve to be treated like this Lynda. Has something happened? Are you safe at the moment? You came to the right place to release. I'm glad you are here.

I am safe, but soo deeply emotionally hurt. Why does he do this to me ? He never initiates any emotions of caring for me...Am so fr--king tired of this.We went out to pick up my meds, and the pharmacy did not have them ready..nothing new w/them..I got a little frustrated and he told me to knock it off I can survive w/out them..and then proceeded to fllirt and joke around w/ one of the women pharmacy staff. Granted I know I am super sensitive to anything negative..but this really was a slap in the face...

I'm going to PM you

Are you still online? Everything OK?

Am online..just on. Kindle takes me time sometimes to respond.

LyndaRose I get you, My husband always did me the same way, like he was ashame of me. When we did go out, or if we when out together he acted like he didnt even know me. I use to think something was wrong with me, buti know it wasnt me it was him. He talked to women in y face.

You do deserves so much better than that, and I pray you get it. Take care of yourself and if you ever want to talk please feel free to pm me


THANK YOU FOR CARING…yes it does seem u get me…with the emotional abuse. I Am a work in progress. So I was told. Working to become a stronger.working on my self esteem.

Lynda....I feel a deep sorrow for you.I'm really sad for your current situation.
My parents are going through the same situation, except there is put downs from both sides, not just the male side. My parents don't understand eachother, and are not in love...

If you don't feel love from this man, please tell him so!

It hurts me to see people in such a situation. Are you still in love with him? Do you have children with him??

How are you feeling currently? are you doing okay??

Does he act the same at home as if he were out and about with you?

He shouldn't be or act ashamed of you. He should embrace who you are!

Hi Emille....Thank You for your caring...I do love him..but there are times when he acts like I don't exist..or does not care..verbal abuse.I tell hime I love him every day..send him a love card every morning..make his breakfast every morning..But there are times when I hae his very existece..Have tried numerous times talking w/ him. He tells me it's me or he is only joking around....I am feeling better, still a bit on the emotion tightrope..ut doing much bettr..did some breathing exercises, painted for a while and went to bed early...I have 1 child w/him..she knows how he is and just ignores it, and know she loves him & me..but says I should just ignore him..wish I could!!!!!!There are no sexual activity any more...he sleeps on the couch until I wake up and then goes up to mattter how much I try to show him or talk to him, t seems futile........I do have a tendency to blame myself, this is a long personal issue.

You deserve better than this. you should not have to ignore, and get "used" to being treated this way. What do you love about him? What made you fall in love with him? I was in some very emotionally abusive relationships. One was my daughter's biological father. He broke my nose, and handcuffed me to a table, and left me there. I stayed for a while. He eventually left me when my daughter was 10 days was the best thing that ever happened to me. It was very hard at first, but I'm so glad that he did.
You are not at fault for the way that he treats you. You are not a work in progress, You are perfect the way your are. I am also a highly sensitive person. I try now to surround myself with positive people who like me, and treat me well. i know that I deserve it......and so do you.

Hi Lynda

How has the rest of your day been today?

I agree with Sensitive Girl... You are perfect just the way you are!! I have really enjoyed getting to know you, and you don't deserve any of the things that have happened to you. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you are anything less than perfect!!

Keep strong

Talk to you soon

Lace xxx