No sure where to look for support

Hello this is my first time on here and on any kind of site like this. I recently went through a patch in my marriage and I am still trying to move past it. My husband is on FB all the time. We both uesd to know each others information. He started changing around the time of his high school reunion. A few months later I found msg's between him and another woman. They didn't "do" anything, but the conversations thay had were not appropriate. I almost left. Moving foward, I feel he wants to be here with me & our daughter. An that he is sorry for as he says "a moment of crazy". I can't however get over the betrayal. I wonder who he is messaging, who pic's he's looking at. We still don't know each others information. I would think on the road to recovery we would want to be as open as possible. Anyway I just struggle every day. I can't focus at work, I am not the mom I want to be. But want to save my marriage.

Thanks for listening!

hi, im not married or anything but id suggest, you tell him your still uncomfortable and get his password or have him delete his account, your marriage should be more important :) good luck

Thank you leesoftball 111. I was honest with him yet he has not freely offered it. I am trying to be honest & have open conversation. I will just continue to take it one day at a time.