Normally, the holiday season is not a source of stress for m

Normally, the holiday season is not a source of stress for me, although it is a busy time. But right now I am feeling stressed. I am a college professor, and grades are due just as Christmas rolls around. Normally that is not a problem, but this year my wife, who is often in poor health, took a turn for the worse. Last night we were in the emergency room from 1 to 6 am, as they took blood, did an EKG and did a CATscan to try to figure out what is wrong with her -- this is the second time we have gone in where they suspected she was having a stroke, but both times that turned out not to be the case. In general, for the past several weeks, I have had to drive to her to one clinic or another, often at a moment's notice, for various reasons. so I feel exhausted, sleep deprived, worried about her, plus overwhelmed by the work I need to do for my job. On top of that, my mother had a stroke, and lately my sister (who has been dealing with her husband's illnesses and unemployment) has been calling me up to yell at me about how I do not speak with my parents often enough, and how her problems "trump" mine, as she put it. Yes, I can appreciate that she is dealing with a lot, but since when have we entered into a contest of "comparative pain?"

im sorry your feeling that way. i hope you and your family gets better :)

thanks, kawaiipotato !