Not doing so good. Struggling at university right, have a re

Not doing so good. Struggling at university right, have a real GPA and not working. Was looking back on all the losses I have had in the last 16 years. Starting just 3 months shy of 18, I lost my father to cancer. He was a doctor, very well respected in the community and played a very active as a father. I however was not prepared for the twist of events and estate battle, to ensue with his ex-wife. I lost out on a hefty inheritance and still in court fighting my dad's exwife 16 years later. I decided to repeat my final year of high school, to try and get a scholarship. I had a break through year as an athlete, almost winning the high school boys title. One school ended up offering me a partial athletic and SAT(academic) scholarship for my SAT's. I still had to come up with the remaining money. I got a lawyer and went to court, trying to use the fact, that was my dad intended to pay for my university, by bank documents he sent to another university, along with the financial affidavit in my application. Didn't work out. Loss that scholarship opportunity. About a month later, I came across what I thought was a legitimate Network Marketing business and pursued it, hoping I could get the university re-offer me the scholarship and that by then I could have enough money coming in from the business. I got nowhere with it. I was in Canada at the time promoting it, when the FTC halted the company, then it was all over CNN, that it was a scam. I was at my uncle and his estranged wife, was out to get my *** in trouble with the police and immigration too. Thank God, I didn't make a cent. Four years late my mother said she would put through a cheap university in the USA and I started at one, was representing them in track and all. Then came the news that there was a mistake, in the tuition payments I was suppose to be making. I was suppose to be paying $3000+ more each semester. I came down with depression, clueless of how I would get through school now. I was running crap on the track 4 years later. Started experiencing other mental issues. I withdrew from school and returned back home depressed. One coach had convinced me he still thought, I could improve and make the Olympic standard and run for my country. I really wanted that Olympic dream. Six months I was admitted to a mental hospital. Spent 3/4 weeks. A year later, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and placed on medication. The worse part was that I found out, 4 other university would have offered me a full academic scholarship based on my SAT's, but now they were telling me, I couldn't get because I went and started at another school. I spent the next few years, trying to see if there was any way around the situation, so I could get the money. In between there, my dad's exwife tried to put us out of my dad's place, her daughter broke in the place and removed furniture and the police did nothing too. I also had to be dealing with the side effects of the medication too. I had two jobs after that and quit the last one, which I really hated. Eventually I decided to enroll in a pre-engineering program and do engineering at the university, in the neighbouring island. I would have to just look for living expenses. I quit that program half way through, and decided to do Information Technology at the local university. I struggled from the start. I failed more than half of my courses and had to be dealing with the side effects of the drugs, when I was at school or at home wanting to study. The most I could was sleep it off until they wore off. My professors just think I'm playing the fool, but I research my condition a bit and learn that people with it, do suffer from motivational issues and solving more complex problems in the real world. Now the government has made the decision, in the midst of worsening economic conditions, that people have to pay for university now. So I have to get a student loan to pay for the rest of school now. This has me so pissed now. My dad's exwife got her hands on all that money, I was never able to get a cent for school, lost out on scholarships, now 15 years I have to put myself in debt to complete my education. What makes it worse, is that two different lawyers mentioned to us, that we may have to just walk away from this estate case and just move on with our lives. I just feel like **** right. Never thought my life would turn out like this.

Nic, I sort of understand as I was cut out of my Grandmother's will right before her death. An event that occurred due to my Narcissistic father somehow convincing her this was the right thing to do, something she would never have done in a lucid state of mind. Anyway, I understand the pain and hurt, but after so many years, I agree with your lawyers, you have to let this go, it is tying you to a painful time in your life for no good reason. No matter how much you fight and however much money you MAY get, it doesn't erase your past or your father's death. The only thing you can do is move forward. Get your degree, do something with your life that matters, that makes you happy. After all these years, isn't that what you would want anyway? Hugs-CK

Sorry you are going through difficult time. Glad you joined the group. We are all here to support you.

Sorry to hear a bout your troubles. You are young to have to go through life without a father. Is their any disability payments for mental illness in your country? Working with a mental disability is difficult. After 20 years of education and working, I finally had to give up.