Not doing the greatest, need some advice and support on my c

Not doing the greatest, need some advice and support on my current situation. No idea how this site even works.

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First of all, welcome! Second of all, what is your situation?

Well I'm a single momma of two, my sons father is currently in jail could be facing 16 years in prison, praying that he gets lesser time or none at all. He wasn't around while I was pregnant my choice after he went to jail I decided to contact him had guilt figured he had the right to know he had a son and to be in it as much as possible. Well we're growing attached to eachother, I've dated him in highschool always had feelngs for eachother but idk what I'm suposed to do. Do I wait for him? Do I tell him we need to just keep this about our son. That's one of my issues, plenty more I just am a mess lol.

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I'm new too. I tried to private message you, but it said both people must support each other before you can PM. Oh good, I see you're back and posted again.

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You're not sure how much time he could get, right? Or maybe none at all. So maybe you should wait until you find that out before you decide what to do since he might not get any time at all.

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Yeah I supported you I guess, I don't understand how to work this all yet. But mainly my problems are with this issue with my sons dad. It's stressing me out so bad, got put on klonopin for anxiety recently, not getting refills on my norcos which I've had an issue with best to not be on then but it's hard. All this at once I'm loosing it.

He has trial Feb 23rd. Chances are he will get time, but if he got lucky some crazy chance that'd be great but so far it's not looking that he will fully be getting out of this.

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If I were you I would wait to see what happens before making a decision since it may turn out differently than you think it will. Otherwise, really no one can tell you what to do. I know what that's like when I have a problem like yours and I want someone else to tell me what to do but I know they can't.

I'm just goin crazy, he's just been hinting lately on how I feel what I wanna do and I don't know what to say. He's talking about bonding out for a year spending it with us but then what happenes when he gets sentenced and has to leave that would be devastating

This is pretty confusing. I supported you, but it has to be accepted by you and I can't figure out how to accept your support, so i can't PM you.

I agree it would be devastating. It's hard to tell you what to do though, you have to do a cost/benefit analysis maybe even though this is a relationship problem (meaning think of the pros and cons of having a relationship with someone who might be in prison for a long time).

I guess you would have to decide if you could continue the relationship if he gets sentenced to 16 years. Do you go for professional counseling?

No but I've been thinking about going to counseling therapy whatever would probably be good for me.

Right, I've been in therapy before and I'm going now again. It can't hurt if you find the right person to talk to, plus maybe you could find one who does cognitive therapy to try to help with the anxiety.