Not doing well. Had oral surgery yesterday and now im feelin

Not doing well. Had oral surgery yesterday and now im feeling really low. The pain meds are messing with my mind. I hope i dont start hallucinating. Need support thanks.

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The best part of what your going through after surgery is that our mouths tend to heal quite quickly

I hope so its hard to swallow and my lower face is blck and blue.

I actually went through the same thing about 7yrs ago. Except instead of hanging out @ home, I ended up getting myself into trouble & landed myself into the holding cell @ the police station. They, ignored my request's for my pain pills. What a long night that was.

Sorry to hear that. Im just the opposite, i almost asked not to be prescribed pain meds bcause i am scared of the side affects . when i got home i tried taking regular tylenol but the pain was so severe i had to take the meds. I have such an addictive personality that im afraid ill end up addicted to them. I definitely dont need that.

They won't prescribe enough to get you hooked. Plus it isn't worth causing yourself more problems. You just tell yourself that addiction is not an option. I'm clean off of crack for 3&1/2yrs & I dreamed about it 2 times this week but I will not relapse.

Im a recovering alcoholic and i can see where you are coming from dreaming about drugs. I dream about drinking all the time. As matter of fact, im fighting the demon as we speak.

After getting addicted to my pain meds and letting my Dr know, he told me because of my size it was the best thing for my pain. Its a battle constantly not to abuse them but I keep up the fight, trying my best.

I understand the whole alcohol bit. I had to hit rock bottom b4 I was able to get both the drugs & alcohol under control. I was using both even @ work. The night sweats are brutal & the shakes until I got @ least 2 beers in me by morning

Hang in there dn77. All we can do is our best. The doctor said because of my procedure im lookinf at atleast 3 weeks on pain meds

Yeah i have hit rock bottom and it landed me in ICU almost dead. Thats what im scared of. Dont want to be there again.

@Jennifermcarr That happened to me last year. The cops found me in a bus shelter. After a few weeks I was released. One week later my nephew died on his birthday. I can’t believe I made it this far

So sorry to hear about your nephew. Thats horrible. When my grandma died i overdosed. She was my best friend and rock. We buried her on my birthday. Now i hate my birthday. How old was your nephew?

@Jennifermcarr he turned 23. I’m sure your grandma would not be happy with you for hating your birthday. I was 17 when my nephew was born & I took every chance I could to be with him. My son & he were best friend’s. All my pictures include him. The last time I saw him I hugged him so hard & told him how much I love him.

Oh i hate this for you. Nieces and nephews are so special. I dont have children so my 5 are super special to me. They range in ages 17-1 year old. I have a four year old niece that comes to visit me atleast 3 times a month for the whole day. My time with her is precious. Your nephew was so young, my heart goes out to you.

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@Jennifermcarr thx for that. I always feel the loss. It just never goes away. I made a memorial video for everyone who knew him. My x husband tried to blame it on my son. I’d love to hit him with a shovel!