Not even here do I feel like I belong. Just another place t

Not even here do I feel like I belong. Just another place to be shoved aside. Really feel like I'm the world's biggest $%#@ up.

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Why? Your here.... But explain more. I see your here for, pain, selfharm, depression. Let us know more.

Thought this was a place I could help and be helped. I make one comment. And already shoved off to the side. Maybe I just made a mistake of coming here. The only thing I feel like doing is crawling inside of a bottle and a blanket with a knife.

@Mydarkpassengerlives try not to get too down over one unpleasant interaction with a person you really don’t even know. I know that’s easier said than done, I get gloomy after such interactions myself, but really it doesn’t mean you need to do anything at all other than consider your actions, decide whether or not you did anything wrong, and if not, then go about your day untroubled.

I second what Northguy said. We're here, despite someone showing the contrary. What can we do for you?

@Ella2015 thanks ella. It’s frustrating. I literally have no one else to talk to. I’ve alienated my self from the t people I’m my life because they were toxic. I moved three states away from my family for someone trying to help me just to be left out in the cold.

Hi darkpassenger,

Whoever said something mean to you on sg shouldn't have done that. This is supposed to be a SUPPORT group. As far as I am concerned, you don't deserve to be shoved off to the side.

Ella, you don't deserve to be ignored either!

@L2015 True and true. But keep in mind that this site is used by fragile people. People who sometimes are not in their right minds. Dumb things sometimes slip out, but usually they come from the heat of the moment. I’ve exploded once here, on another account. I was fed up about a lot of things and went out with a boom before I deleted my account. Came back after a long time-out on this account and I’ve behaved nicely ever since. Also, since this is a text based site, sometimes a response is misinterpreted by the reader and arguments start over a simple misunderstanding.

Hi I'm T, Yes, you are right on all accounts. I think you are very wise.

Heh, thank you. You are too kind ^_^ I try my best. I believe in providing the advice I feel can contribute to a situation and if the recipient doesn't find it helpful, I hope they will just ignore it. And I also read over my comments and posts several times before posting to make sure I say what I actually want to say and to avoid saying something that might get misinterpreted.