Not feeling like I'm making any headway with my therapist

Hi support friends...

I'm on my 2nd month with my therapist and I'm just not sure what to expect out of her. I don't feel like I am making any progress and EACH TIME after I've seen her I've just go to b/p right after our session!!

I am SO TIRED of b/p but then at the same time sometimes I crave it.

Will this ever end??

I know I have to do my part but I'm unsure what my part really is. I like my therapist and she is nice and apparently focuses on ED patients but I just wonder if she is simply taking my money and not truly interested in my recovery...

Thanks for listening.


Caroline, I have had first hand experience with a 'therapist' who actually made me feel worse after each session and encouraged my ED behaviour - not saying this is whats happening with you but it could actually be more triggering then helpful by the sounds of it.
My 'therapist' would tell me i need to lose weight and the solution to all my problems was to just simply 'eat'. He would talk about my breasts which had nothing to do with anything what so ever.
Through the IP/OP hospital I will be doing my treatment at, I was given a new therapist and OH MY GOD..what a WORLD of a difference. He specializes in ED'S and I leave feeling like we've accomplished something other then throwing me deeper into my ED thoughts (as I felt when leaving the other therapist). My advice, find the proper makes such a difference. Not every doctor/therapist out there is equipped to handle ED patients.

Not all thereapists can relate to EVERY patient. You have to find someone who you feel comfortable with, who you can open up to, and who can read you well so that they can lead you to speak more about what you're feeling. Just like you have to find the right best friend, boyfriend, coach, workout partner - - you need to find the right therapist to help you. Maybe you need to try a few other practices to see if there are others who better relate to your circumstances and what you're feeling.