Not Getting the Help I Need

Hello my amazing freinds,

Well, today is a hard day for me. I am so down because last week, when I saw my OBGYN doctor, she was so cold, dismissive, and did not care about the issues I am dealing with.

For those who are new here, let me explian: On Sept. 26 I had a CAT SCAN done which revealed an enlarged ovary--and the hosptial I had gone to said to get it checked out. I did not go to the hospital that night for that sort of problem, but for severe stomach problems. It seems that while they were trying to find out what was wrong with my stomach, they found an enlarged ovary. So, funny, I would have never known about this other problem if my stomach hadnt gotten virulently ill at that time.

So they told me to get it checked out and so I did.
I saw an OBGYN about 2 months ago, and i mean, she wasnt a bad doctor - but I got a bad "feeling" from here. I pride myself on my good intuition and got a bad 'vibe' from her. I felt neutral about her--she wasnt bad, but not good, and something about her was unfreindly and uncaring. But I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and go along with her. She did put me off for a long while to see her again, but I tried not to worry about that. She told me to have my doctor fax over the CAT SCAN and pelvic ultrasound to her office, so I did that . Even my doctor's secretary called me back specifically and told me all went through fine.

So, the next time see her I had to wait 2 hours to see her. 2 hours! I'm a very patient person, but 2 hours?? That is insane! When she came in--I only got to see her for 2 minutes, tops! I couldnt beleive it! I had questions I wanted to ask and she did not even give me the time to ask them. She said to me that she did not get the right fax from my regular doctor. She got the CAT SCAN but not the ultrasound. But then she said, 'Well , I thought I saw it on here, but i can't find it now.'

I mean, WTF? So I waited for 2 hours and got no answers to my problem . Nothing! She said , "Well --I think it is ok now!" I thought- what is ok now? How does she know what is really going on? She knows nothing, she is just guessing. She then said 'if it was a cyst --i think it is getting better now.'
I thought--how do you know ? We don't even know if it is a cyst . I dont know ANYTHING yet.

Then she told me to get another ultrasound at the hospital again( but my fiancee told me THEY should have that type of equipment in her office ).

At that point--I was done with her non caring, dismissive, and rude attitude. I mean, she needs to test this for cancer if it is a cyst! I try not to think about that yet it plays in my head! There is a simple test I learned that OBGYNS do to test for ovarian cancer---and hell, she didnt even do that. Now, how come I knew about that and she( who is a doctor) didnt check that for me?

So, I am sitting here in pain, my stomach so swollen I can barely eat--hell, I havent been able to eat much in the past month from this swelling I get in my stomach. i mean, i do have IBS problems, and that does cause swelling, but there also could be added issues going on here that no one is helping me with!

So, I finally called a good OBGYN that my therapist gave me, but I have to wait till Dec 22 to see her. I cannot believe I have to deal with this crap at Christmas time. I do not know how i am going to deal with this until then. My stomach has gotten so overextended that I am having serious difficulty eating. It just hurts. I know this could be IBS related, also----so I have a double whammy! ughhh...

I am so embarrassed by my swollen tummy. I know it is not my fault--this is a medical problem, but I feel embarrassed by it. Sigh...

I just hope this new doctor can help me because I can't eat my normal daily amount of food like this! This is crazy...

Thanks for letting me vent , freinds

love ya'll


ugh, i so should have trusted my 'gut ' instinct with this doctor. she isnt even close to being as good as my regular doctor...


Hang in there. That doctor seemed like a ****. You know what, don't dwell on it because they are not good at what they do. Move on! Do what you need for yourself. I am glad your therapist gave you a new doctor to look at. Doctors shouldn't ever be so detached.


thanks allee, yes that doctor was a **** and a big waste of time..ugh.... big waste....


Maureen, professionals like this drive me crazy!!!! I'm so glad that you're going toi see a new doctor. So glad. Ill keep my fingers that they are much better. I'm so proud of you that you were able to stick up for yourself and seek out a more helpful physician. Just another example of how strong you are... Many patients aren't able to do that! Hoping you feel better soon. Love ya

chelsea---it is so funny ---that i called my doctors secretary with no intentions of asking to see the doctor( alhtough i know i need to see someone now) and just asked her for a refill of my regular medication. but she said i need to see him to get a new perscription. so i said, hey that might be a good idea as i have problems going on now. i mean, he is no OBGYN(LOL) but he could try to see if there is anything else going on here that needs to be checked out.

so i guess things happen for a reason as i was NOT going to ask his secretarty to see the doctor--funny how she did it for me. amazing, cause i was too afraid to ask her.
he is a wonderfully caring doctor--the best...

and i do NOT want to be like this during christmas!!!!
so im glad she set it up for me....


hey guys,

well, im sitting here freezing my butt off---the boiler broke and someone has to come and fix it. i swear im having heart problems and im so cold im turning blue and cant feel my feet/ and hands. im glad im going to the doctor worried.

this is not good


this is so weird how my heart is acting wild, my body is so cold and numb like, and my fingers are turning blue. sure, it is cold in here --but this is a clear sign of a metobollic (BMR) problem or thyroid problem. sure, the boiler was turned off in my house( it is fixed now) but now i am worried. and i am glad i made the doc appointment tomorrow, cause this is getting odd...
heck my weight isnt even low and im still getting ridicoulsly cold....