Not going to be a good night... Wife and I got into it today

Not going to be a good night... Wife and I got into it today about her affair... Reaching my breaking point

What happened?

She said she was angry that I didn't understand her affair. So I told her all the reasons I had to be angry. She never talked to me about being unhappy, she chose to cheat, she chose to disrespect me, she's choosing to break it all up, and she's angry??

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Good luck Skippy. In as much as possible I hope you keep calm and help her understand your pain. It may be her guilt that is making her angry.

I'm sure it is, but I have done nothing but bend over backwards trying to help her see what she's doing is wrong. I love her to death, but everyone has a limit to how far they cans bend before breaking. I will not break over this. SHE is the cause of this, and I will not be a doormat any longer.

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Have you seen the surviveheraffair e-book? I found it very helpful for me. It touches on this aspect and provides insight. There is also a version that is part of the e-book called helphimgetoveryouraffair that gives her insight into her behavior and if she is open to reading it might help her get out of the fog. Sorry your in this ****** situation man. I know it hurts bad.

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@mjk6479 thanks, I will check them out. At this point I don’t know what she’s willing to do

Hugs. They just know what to say to push us over the edge.

@missyunderconstruction yes they do, but I am so tired of being manipulated. This has been the hardest 4 weeks of my life.

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