Not good , can't find any pattern to comfort may pso

Not good , can't find any pattern to comfort may psoriasis, dermatitis ! It's making me very depressed and down !

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I recommend Creme Bioforce from Dr.Vogel

Also milk products are known to cause immune reactions. I want you to lay off from any milk related product for 1 month, and then tell me via a PM how it went for your psoriasis.

I've been to three Dermatologist, urologist , 5 internest! I have it in my inter gluteal cleft! Can't sit , miserable! Protopic , burns all the time , elidel same , I have David hoskings psorexederm cream helps a little! What's sad all the MD in Lafayette la can't help me ! I had a biopsy and came back as lichen simplex chronius intergluteal cleft ! I'm on a candida diet ! Yummy! I'll try ! Thanks

@poochandmaximus will the creme thin my skin? Any steroids ?

I looked up the creme , what country is the manufacturer in?

@darketernal ok I’ll look into the creme ! Thanks

I recommend Renew lotion. I have occasional breakouts and it helps with poison oak and when I had shingles it lessened the sting. It is something you have to order. I'm going to do click support so we can talk about this. I buy it wholesale.