Not share if I'm in the right group

I am AnuRaven and I am an addict,

I am addicted to many things I am looking for a group to help me with my weed addicten. I am a memmber of NA and I'm working throe my steps I am presantly on step 2 off the NA progeram and real strugaling with it. My sponser is a singale parinted that works full time so talking every day is not an apshine so I real need someone to talk to hoping to find that on here. Thing is I don't know if weed is marijuana or some other drug. It my not even metter what drug it is an addicten is an addicten right and anyone going throe recovery should be able to help. Anyway thing you all for you time and if I'm in the rong place pleace let me know what group I should be in I don't wand to bother anyone. Thank you again.

Hi AnuRaven,

I believe you are in the right place :) There are several different groups you can join where you will meet other people going through similar situations to yourself. I am an addict and still struggle to keep my use to a minimum. I have received some wonderful support from this website and it is also great to know that you can just post what you are feeling or experiencing and it's out there. I find smoking pot to be extremely challening to come off. Don't feel like a bother after all we are all here to help support one and another. Take one day at a time and keep posting if it helps. There's always people out here looking out.

Take care and I hope things get easier for you. All the best.

Chat soon :)

I'm hoping so too Jai. Thanks have been verry haird with my strubling so much. I just don't know if I'm going to make it, Only 7 more hours left in the day.


Hope you managed to get through the day yesterday peacefully. I often feel like a helpless cause and sometimes I find myself not worthy of other peoples help, I have since learnt though that it's the ones that have stuck with me through the worse of times that I can certainly depend on them to be there at the end of the day. I am so glad that I found this website it has helped me in so many ways, it's nice to be able to express your feelings openly and the support and feedback from everyone on here has helped me continue on through my rough patches.

Talk soon


Hi Jai,

I may it throe hope you did too. I'm happy you have find the supperted you needed here. I'm doing a little better today but not be much. What have you done other then talking on here that has help you?


Its really dawnting on me how it can so complicated to get yourself through a day that brings you nothing but grief. I work full time at the moment as an Administration Assistant and I find it so hard to challenge myself at work. Things can become so busy here and I am relied on very heavily in my role, but how?? When I feel so over it.. So like I don't know where I want to be and I'm sad how can things just go on. I have had days when I have walked out of the office because I have not been able to handle my emotions and it makes me feel really unwell.

I seeked a Psychologist quite some time ago we catch up weekly and talk about things. But I have often felt like she has been a little else where lately and I'm just hanging between Psych and GP trying to find an even balance and find a way to stable my moods and level them out. But again I am still waiting for them to find the right meds or even a suggestion that could help me deal with the day to day activities that cause me to become this other person. I quite often have thoughts that I feel as though I'm getting closer and closer to the edge and it scares me because I feel so bad but I don't know what to do about it. I hate feeling like I'm complaining and I guess to a certain extent our friends are always here, and as hard as it is so is my family. I'm just not settled today I don't feel like being at work I don't know where I want to be???? :(

I HATE THIS...........................

I have days ware I hate it too but i have other days ware things are going good. One thing my spornser keep telling me is try to thank positively but she don't understand deperasoin and not beingable thank positivly. Hope they can find you some meds soon keep me posted.

Anu, from what you describe your on the right path in managing yourself & having a sponsor to help guide you & talk things through when you need to. Its all a process & take it day by day or minute by minute, baby steps. Proud of the progress you've made thus far & keep talking w/us we're here & your not alone.

Take care of you.