Not sure how to approach friend

Been a bad few days, wife's brother got sent back to prison and the next day I found out my buddies wife shot herself in the head, she had 3 kids, he never adopted them but he raised them. Anyway I haven't seen him since thursday morning and I need to call him but I am not sure what to say, i really didn't know his wife, but I worked with him for 2 yrs now. I am having a real tuff time dealing with all this if someone has some advice I would appreciate it


poor u what a lot of mixed emotions to deal with, first u cant do much for the brother at this moment in time he is in prison and the only thing u can do for your wife is to be there if/when she needs to talk/cry

as for your buddie it just takes a mo to lift up the phone and offer support, he might not need it but let him know u are there to help in any way u can, try and keep your end real, u didnt know her so u cant agree with what a wonderful/awful girl she was but u can reassure him that his feelings thoughts are what counts,

and dont forget to take care of yourself whilst offering this support to two people u might find u need a break from all the emotions so take five mins to asses how u are coping with them

wishing u luck

as always loving thoughts and positiivve vibes
D :)