Not sure if my GPS was playing a cruel trick on me, but whil

Not sure if my GPS was playing a cruel trick on me, but while riding with my wife our 2 children to their camps the directions the GPS took because of traffic put me right in front of 3 hotels my wife frequented with AP. One hotel is the same town as one camp. She said she felt bad she really didn't know when we were exploring camps. My daughter likes the camp I do like taking her or picking her up some days. Alternate routes take much longer and it still goes through the town. In the past I was better passing places in our town but now after 3 consecutive days bringing intrusive thoughts. What to do? Others struggle with that? The other day ( know I shoukd not have) i actually parked in one of the hotel lots and walked the path i was ok but not sure why i did it. This stuff is painful and I feel like sometimes I just can't.

Sounds like progress to me. You've got this!

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I agree with step-by-step. As painful as it is passing these hotels, you might find over time that with repeated, regular exposure you are actually forced to deal with and find ways of mentally coping with the triggers and this will actually start to shift the power balance that they’ve had over you in your favour. I used to be so brutally triggered by passing several hook-up locations my husband had. I finally started making myself go by them more frequently and over time I found they had less power. I still don’t like them, and haven’t forgotten about them, but I don’t let them control me anymore. I’ve built up some emotional armour that I wear when I have to pass them and most of the time I don’t let them bother me except for a few brief moments. There are other triggers that sometimes sneak up and surprise me still … so life’s not perfect, but I live in a small town so I had to deal with those locations. You can do this. You have already proven how strong you are over the last 2 years!

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@devastatedinptbo you guys are so wonderful just what I needed. I agree I think I got caught off guard but your right can’t let it take power over me harder when she is in the car though

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