Not sure if this is where this goes-

my gf had a miscarage at 3 & 1/2 months. It was 20 years ago. I was 17, on the date she told me she was pregnant the next year i was kinda depressed & ended up ODing on asprins. that night was horrid, i was drinking a lil, & i went to sleep wanting to be with my kid, i dreamed of a lil girl & she said her name was brittany. to shorten this down, i let her live in me, i made room for her. the doctors was good, i was pretty much gone & they saved me. from their on out, i kept this lil girl in my head.
we talked a lot like a dad & daughter. then i started playing video games on the coputer. It was ok at 1st but then i created a female character for my brittany. it got bad, it was like roleplay at its worst it seemed, she was 12 and taking over. id go to bed & wake up a few hours later setting in front of the computer playing games on her characters, never remembering getting out of bed.
Later it got even worse, i started seeing her more, like in the car, she would be in the back seat & start talking, if i was up late she would be setting on my computer desk talking
sometimes id wake up & be outside walking in the yard but it was her that put me there.
I talked to a pych in real life & they said it was easy to fix, don't play video games... so i don't.. but she was there before the games, & shes still here.
she would been 19 this past july. i use to see her always in a lil dress it was white. now she wears jeans with a yellow belt. i never look at her face ever, even in my dreams i avoid hr face because of a dream from a long time ago.
why is she changed clothes after all this time ? i don't think of myself as crazy, at first glance at the subject, yea but, it was my daughter & god knows i loved her. she didn't get buried & she didn't get named, so i gave her life with me.i just don't understand why shes changing after all this time. idk just confused i guess

poor u

miscarriage is always hard to deal with, i know ive been there occasionally i look for my boy cos someone passin has the right hair color or is the right frame and age, he is called ben and would be fourty now

i think its time to let your girl fly and go do what she wants to do, wish her all the best and let her go completely, she is all grown up the jeans tell u so so why not plant a tree or name a star just for u and her and let her depart its time for her to be what she is meant to be and thats not daddys girl at 19

its hard when u dont have a grave or a funeral to signify the end of an era but u have more than cared for your child at the extent of your own life and she wouldnt want that to continue

this is the last act of selfless devotion u can do for her kiss her adn wish her well and let her go

hope this helps u

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)