Not sure of anything

Hi Im K, this is my first time in a support group and i hope that it will give me peace. I am a overly sensitive person and i love and give so much of me that I have nothing left for myself. I have turned into a clingy girlfriend and i need to change before i am left in this life alone. I sit around my house wondering why my boyfriend doesn't want me around and why he is with me at all.

welcome unwanted

im glad u have joined us at the support group.

its hard to b oversensitive i know another one of our gurus bluidkiti has a sensitive daughter (it might b an idea to pm her)

as to why it happens and what u are feeling prehaps u could do with a proffesional hand to sort it out

but please keep posting and chattin

as always

loving thoughts and positive vibes

thanks for your support. I am dealing with a though cituation and the one person i should be able to lean on doesnt understand how i feel "Im to emotional" so this makes me feel like there is hope for me and maybe hope for my relationship and my children.

I am also a over sensitive person, and always give myself to others before my own needs are taken care of.
I think that it's there is so much emotion and past stuck up inside you that you haven't let out or let go of that it makes you so sensitive. Maybe if things happened that still come in your mind you should talk about it.
I am also clingy. But it's because your afraid to loose and let go.
Talking and letting go will maybe help to over sensitivity. (:

Hey Guys,
I have also been said to be an over-sensitive person. i do give an awful lot to people and expect nothing in return, if I get anything back I am quiet surprised. I have always been the over emotional one in the household, that has plauged me since childhood, if anybody says anything bad, I always take it back upon myself and i never think really - that is their issue not mine.

It is both a blessing and a curse, because I know people feel they can come and talk to me and I like being the trusted person and with my friends I trust them throuoghly.

When it comes to relationships however, I am quiet the opposite, in my head I will be sensitive but up front I am "brave". I find it very difficult to let anyone in, as I feel I always have to three steps ahead and ready for the worst to happen. I am ALWAYS ready to walk away. I wish I could let go of that, and i am trying to work on that now, on my own so that when I do get into a relationship I'm just ok and free to be me.

I've gotten so good at being "the funny girl", that I've forgotten how to show other sides of me, without thinking I'll be hated for it.

Warmest Wishes and hugs to you all.

Moongal x

Hi unwanted, Welcome to . Has something happened to you in your past that may cause you to be this way? Why do you feel you are over sensitive and clingy?

I am an alcoholic in recovery. It has been said about alcoholics believe it or not that we are sensitive people. I know some of mine comes from things that have happened to me in my past and how I have been treated by others. That is why I asked you the questions I did.

If you and your boyfriend are having problems then I suggest you both pick a time that is good for both of you and have a calm discussion.

Please keep sharing with us. We are here for you. ((((hugs))))

well i can see i will have to cultivate the more sensitive side of life.

sensitive to what the atmosphere, or others vibes, often wondered

pragmatic is more my style

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes