Not sure these are panic attacks or not. Almost nightly I go

Not sure these are panic attacks or not. Almost nightly I go to bed feeling I can't get air

I would talk to your doctor just to be sure. if you are told it is panic, then you have a name for what you are going through.

For me sometimes when I get pretty anxious I feel like I can't get enough air. It's funny because I also actually forget how to breathe. It's like I don't know how to breathe, I have a hard time doing so in those moments.

@MiedoNoEsAmor meditation helps regulate your breathing. It does more too. It has helped me

I tend to get really anxious at night, ill be falling asleep and then i get a sudden rush of panic when i feel i cant breath. Almost like i kinda forget to breath, its pretty strange.

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@Ethan314 it’s crazy, yeah like you forget!

One night I could deal with. ..frrls like I am drowning

This can actually be something physical. Think carefully if the starving for air feeling brings on panic or if it is the other way around. Especially the feeling of drowning. If you have a notion that the feeling comes before the panic and possibly triggers it, talk to your doctor.

If you sit up or get up does the feeling subside?

I have to sit up, or take meds to knock me out

I had s similar occurence that was fixed by sitting up. It felt like I was drowning or just could not get as much air as I should. It turned out to be physical. I would star by talking to your MD. Oh and I thought mine was a panic attack because thats what a drowning feeling causes.