Not sure what to use or buy to helpwith the e.d

not sure what to use or buy to helpwith the e.d.

Viagra and Cialis are the first things that come to my mind to try. Very cheap generic Viagra and generic Cialis can be purchased from an online Canadian pharmacy for less than 50 cents a strong dose which can be cut in half or pieces if you don't need a strong dose. They still require a valid prescription though. Viagra works best taken on an empty stomach. Go see a urologist and ask for samples to see how they work for you.

Thank you i have tried them and no help.

@Rip Cialis is better. But take them under medical treatment.
Consult a Urologist. Get tests done, the tests will pinpoint the cause of the ED. I suffered complete ED for 20 yrs. Tried pills, herbs n wat not. Finally my urologist suggested Stem Cells shots along with other therapies. I am back to normal, 80 percent n rigidity has come back . In addition to that, the chronic fatigue I used to feel 24x 7 is gone. Stem Cells therapy is expensive but if your budget allows go for it. Here in India fortunately it’s not so expensive. Ranges 5000$ to 6000$. Sad insurance companies do not cover it.

Pump with rings or Trimix injections? There is a post on ED pump section of a pretty good PG rated demonstration video on how to use a pump for ED purposes. There is also quite a bit of information there about injections. Trimix injections have worked very well for me for the last year and a half.

@Bob1974 Is that the one that goes directly into the side of the penis shaft? How painful is it?

My husband gets testosterone pellets and they help for a while.

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Yes... I use a high quality very small insulin syringe that is 31 guage 5/16" long and sometimes don't feel a thing. Most of the time it feels like a little pinch. It's really nothing and the lasting erection and the fun that ensues because of it more than makes up for it definitely making it worthwhile. I love it and wish I discovered it 10 years ago. It starts working in about 5 minutes and lasts until the medicine wears off allowing me to go multiple rounds and boosting my ego putting a smile on my wife's face as well as mine. It does take some schooling to use it right so RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH!

@Bob1974 If u talking about Tri mix injections, then be careful as they can be used once in 24 hours .