Not sure where this fits but seems like a good idea. Someti

Not sure where this fits but seems like a good idea. Sometimes (a lot) I just laugh at myself because I am a mess. Lol..

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LollyNews, just saw your comment and I know menopause can make you wanted to scream or cry then scream :). I went through it some 10 yrs. ago. I did not have a weight issue, thankfully. I was so forgetful and hormones raging. It gets better although you don't believe at the time. I find laughter is a stress releaser. Better to laugh then be angry jmo. Wishing you well.

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@alwaysblessed hi. Thank you. Yes… I am so hormonal at the moment but thank god … it only last a few days.
I actually lost weight over the last 2 years but still fat. Lol…
I let the weight creep on over my 30s because I stopped caring. I was in a 5 year relationship with a guy who was fat. He liked to eat at all you can eat buffets. I just said screw it. We would eat out all the time. So… After I turned 40, I decide to stop smoking, stopped Adderall, then my hormones are all messed up.
I had to deal with all this extra weight for a while. And then it started to come off.
Now , I am always thinking about weight loss so that I can continue to stay on top of it and drop down another 20 or 30 pounds.
Thanks for responding. It’s been so quiet on this website ever since March. I wish more people would just share. We need that now more than ever.
How are you doing tonight?

LollyNews, just answered you a few min. ago, a lengthy message and it juust disappeared ???? Anyway it is now the 21st about 6 PM est. Can not retype it again right now, however I will if you reply to me, Only way I can find messages I was involved in is email notification. I did get back to you and will share reply as soon as I have time on pc and am not suffering pain as of this moment. Hang in there, wish we could private message. I am not on Instagram. Wish you well for now.

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@alwaysblessed you can go to the three dots and dashes at the top of the page and click on it, an orange drop down menu will pop up, select MY POSTS…it will take you to a page that has all of the threads you have posted on and any threads you have started…hope this helps!