Not to sound harsh but if your narc is telling u they'll nev

Not to sound harsh but if your narc is telling u they'll never get over u, its just a phrase they use to keep u hooked and hopeful. Mine admitted it as he keeps desperate women holding on that way. He also said it to me while he was married to one and engaged to another and getting a third pregnant and who knows how many others were in the picture as there are always many. Just in case you hear this line during hoovering i hope u recognize it for what it is....complete and utter BS from the Narctionary.

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My, we are making up new words all the time. I love it!! Narctionary. That's great. Earlier someone said Narcopath. I like that one too. Totally describes my narc sociopath!! I love the support we get in this group. It's awesome!!

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Narctionary is genius I love it! Someone should publish that! Few phrases for it!
It is what it is
What do YOU do for me
Urgh can you please explain to me...
I'll sit here and wait until you show me the respect to tell me the truth
And of course ME and I should be in every phrase! Cos they're favs in narc-land.

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