Not wel today. Just trying to deal with a few carpets being

not wel today. Just trying to deal with a few carpets being pulled out from under me And it seems as if i ha e alipped imto my depressed state. Hate it that i know it so well. reaching up out of the darkness to touch the light only to find its just out of reach. I have to dpuble check myself as i start to fall. Beleibi g then that everyone is oit to get me. To take my place, my position. . Never my life. Lol how i would relish that though. Something physical to fight against. At least i can feel something other than hopelessness.

Lots of hugs and support to you. We are here if you feel up to talking.

Thxaura82. Hugs and support appreciated. If it's not raging lust its depression. Hunger unmet. Ah the physical touch of another. Over and over. How I long for it. To just be caressed on the cheek or have fingers run through my hair. But uncontrolled hunger leads to lust and the creeper in me comes out to play.. Creeper because I keep myself on a leash else I'd be a further menace to society..looking.. Longing. Never taking that last step... The caress of Sweet death is the only thing that will ever take away this madness I am locked into.