Not well

not well

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How can we help hun?

@CKarma i wish i knew my heart is devastated i have given this woman 25 years and i understand that shit happens nobody is perfect but i feel she is still hiding details and still has feelings for him.

I'm sorry you have to go through this. How long ago did it end? When something like this happens there are always some feelingsort left behind. It's beenot over a year since my wife has seen or spoke to the OM but she still confides in me that she thinks about him from time to time. I know it's hard to hear but these things take time. Best of luck and I'm here if you need to talk.

@Mechanic thank you

@solost113 women! My wife was also with a married man, but she also went in knowing that. But when she found out that she wasn't the first or even the second but like the fifth woman, she still has thoughts about him. He was a lier and manipulative SOB but my wife cared about that. I still look at it and ask WTF!!!!

Women like womanizers. They can't escape it period.

@CobraKai73 She has explained to me that she wonders how he is doing, how he and his wife are dealing with the infidelity issues (I told his wife about the whole thing). She says its not really the "I want him" but she says that through the affair she thought of him more as a friend, so she explains she thinks about him like how is an old friend? I don't understand it but I guess its normal, at least that's what our therapist says. She says that the thoughts are getting less frequent, but I feel like at any time those thoughts could lead to an email or a phone call and boom he has found his way back in. Its the lack of trust, she broke that trust and now I have to be on guard for everything. I get depressed when I think that this is what my life has become, always looking over my shoulder, peaking over her shoulder, just to make sure no one or nothing is out to get me!

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