Now that it has started to calm down and i feel a tiny bit s

Now that it has started to calm down and i feel a tiny bit safer I might be able to try and get some sleep. My love and thoughts are with everyone in my capital, Paris. Night people.

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I feel sorrow for all the victims of ISIS. I don't see how they aren't taken care of yet, it's not like there are sooo many of them. I mean I don't prefer violence but its better for them to get their own medicine. I hope your safe :) . And I pray for the victims souls.

@EMN well it isn’t confirmed its them but it most probably is. I don’t know why it’s taking so long either but I dunno how many of them there are. Just fed up of it that’s twice in 10 months here atleast we were more prepared this time though

@EMN oh I haven’t heard that but they all said different stuff last night saying 10 dead then 46 now with the concert hall it’s gone up to 127. I haven’t seen the news for a little while anyway I need a break for a couple hours. Just don’t understand what makes people turn into these fowl animals

IS is proudly proclaiming it was their work

What they do to women to demoralize a community really gets to my guts

7 places, all close together apart from the stadium that the president was in was a bit further away. In the concert hall they just went in and open fired and were throwing f**king grenades at them I mean what the actual f**k is that about? There were children in there! It is saying 180 injured 80 critical condition and 127 dead atleast :(

I dunno but it's just all because of bloody politics

Just said one of them did travel through Greece is that what you were saying about?

Thanks :) yeah that's fine :)