Hi everyone,

Im just a little concerned; Ive been reading posts over the past couple of weeks and have noticed that alot of people are starting to use numbers in terms of actual weights and calories in their posts. I know how tempting it is to use these in order to get the most accurate feedback and opinions from other members but please remember that this is a RECOVERY site and these numbers can be triggering and can hinder the recovery process. There is a bit at the top of each ED related forum which sayd "This is a Pro-Recovery Support Group. Please refrain from mentioning numbers in your posts, including weights, clothing sizes, BMI, calories etc" it would be great if we could all respect this guideline for the sake of others.

Thanks heaps

PS: I dont mean to sound like a nark or a drag, I just know from personal experience that posts with information like this in them can be harmful rather than helpful.

hey simone, you don't sound like a nark or a drag hun. could i suggest that maybe management could send out an apb if you will to advise not only the ed groups but all support groups. some folks just don't know about the numbers' i was'nt aware as i don't belong to an ed group but have a couple of pals in them. it was by other conversation that i was made aware. i nice reminder like yours may do the trick and could be maybe send out on a monthly or bi-weekly basis.....

Thank you for the reminder Simone! I try to watch, but I cannot edit all of the ED forums, so some get past me. I appreciate you bringing to everyone's attention....Jan ♥