NY bill may ban electronic cigarettes

a bill in new york is working to ban e-cigarettes. ive wrote about this before, any thoughts?

"Backers of electronic cigarettes are watching legislation that could make New York the first state in the nation to ban the devices widely advertised on the Internet as a way to help quit smoking.

A key vote in the state Assembly Health Committee could be cast as early as Tuesday.

Health officials say e-cigarettes are just another addictive habit, one that can hook kids early and legally on smoking.

Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal wants them banned in New York until they are more thoroughly investigated and regulated.

Advocates of e-cigarettes insist they are a proven miracle for those hoping to quit or cut down tobacco smoking."

read more here: http://www.seattlepi.com/business/1310ap_ny_e_cigarette_ban.html

I've never actually seen anyone smoke an e-cig..does it simulate actual smoke?

not sure trying to learn more about it.

Let me know wat u dig up, just peaks my curiosity.

I have used this product and I have to say... they are great. I smoke when I am stressed, bored, and just for comfort but it is the worst in the car. I like to smoke and drive but I can't because the smoke bothers my husband. Yes, the e-butts simulate smoke in some ways, in that it looks like smoke but has no odor to those around you when you are using it. It feels & tastes on the inhale very much like a cigarette. My only complaint is that it is heavy and doesn't feel like a cigarette.
Here are my feelings on the subject, smoking is an unhealthy habit which can effect your health. As long as you do it when you are alone than it is an individual's choice. If someone is offended because of the smell or health risks the second hand smoke than cigarette smoking in that situation should be omitted by the smoker. (That is just common courtesy) However, if an individual chooses to smoke an e-cigarette which has no offensive odor or negative health effects on those surrounding him/her than I believe it is that person's American right to do so. This is a product which causes no intoxication or altered frame of mind, any health risks are only to the user and not to anyone else than this should be my individual choice. This is still a free country, right?
As far as children buying these, that is dumb. These should be regulated just as cigarettes currently are. Retailers selling to minors should face jail and fines. Let's clarify, these should be regulated because they are children, not because the product represents smoking. This is how you show where your priorities lie... vote on that New York!

Wow, okay, thanks for sharing.

Did I go overboard? I am new here but I must tell you.. I am really liking this web page. :)