NY Governor Paterson Signs Anti-Bullying Bill

This is great news for Anti-Bullying and definitely brings so much more light to the subject;

"As students head back to school, there's a new state law on the books intended to crack down on bullying.
Governor David Paterson signed the measure in Greenwich Village today. It requires public school districts to develop ways to cut down on harassment based upon anything from race to sexual orientation to weight.

It also requires schools to train at least one staff member in anti-bullying techniques and mandates schools report instances of harassment and discrimination to the state Education Department.

'There's a lot of bullying of kids based on size and weight. There's sexual orientation, race, disability, whatever the thing would be, that kid is becoming a target," said Manhattan Assemblyman Daniel O'Donnell. "The school has to do a better job than just saying as people have said, 'Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names would never hurt me.' We now know better.'"

- NY1 News

The law fully goes into effect in 2012, although officials say certain parts may begin sooner.

This stuff doesn't work,
Bullies bully so they can get attention, the only way to stop a bully is for him to be expelled or you stand up to him, my school has an anti bully thing, but it don't work, there is a lot of bullying, I had to go back a year because of my bullies, I visited the principal like 11 times, they didn't fix it so I went back a year