Ocd, a game of two minds!?

Hello everyone!!

I thought this woud be a good topic to explore and dicuss how you all cope with understanding the dynamics of the affects of your OCD.

I read many posts here and some of you have asked for tips.

First of all do you all believe that your OCD, is manipulative and controlling. Many sufferers may not recognise this connection to beliefs and values they have learnt in some past experience.


Lack of trust in own judgments.

experience of contradictory messages in the past, parents, significant others.

High expectations to to do well

Fear of making mistakes.

Seeking reassurance

Being or have experienced threats, like bullying or intimidation.

experienced critiscisms and negative consistent comments or remarks.

Feelings of never being right, but always feel devalued.

Doubting your own thinking and judgments for the fear of getting things wrong or made to feel as if your opinions or values do not matter.

Experienced being made to feel responsible for the behaviours or attitudes of others.

Experience of pleasing others for the fear of not being liked or misunderstood.

Un healthy emotional, and physical intrusive behaviours of others.

These are but of few of the emotional physcological issues of many OCD Sufferers.

Can you related to any of the above?

What do you feel is hindering your recovery?

Very impressive and important statements. Thank you very much for posting this information. God bless you.