I just found this site today, glad to find some people out there to talk to that can relate. I want to go to a therapist or something, just haven't had too many great experiences with them. I in the past saw a therapist or three for Bipolar, and anxiety disorder. I had triple back surgery about 10 years ago, was very traumatizing due to getting a staph (spelling) infection and coming pretty close to death. Since then, I have developed OCD (says my primary doctor). I am constantly worried I have cancer or some fatal disease. It's a daily battle to fight off the thoughts and work and try to be "normal". Is there anyone out there that can give some advice?

welcome to the group traci :)

Well Traci I dont have that one but I have this new skin picking disorder. Cant stop. Its all the same. Just switch from one addiction/disorder to another and cant stop. They say therapies and maybe anti-depressants if needed is what I am hearing here. Good luck to you. I will pray for you and for me.

Thanks to all. Will keep you posted on my findings, and will also pray for you. I'm thinking this board may help me just to talk about things, and gett'em outta my head. I'm pretty sure I know what caused it, now just have to figure out how to fix it. ;o)


i have just been diagnosed with hoarding ocd......i have joined this site so i can relate to people with ocd....is there any kind of medicine or a good therapist that anyone is currently seeing so i can research further, as this has taken over my life, i want to be back to normal, and i am frustrated all the time