October 1st

Watching my favorite CLR Bruce Rivers “Stop self snitching” lawyer on kody Pady patten reactions. I can not lie, and it had me thinking about Stephen paddock memory. There is no way for me to get away with Oct1 because internally i would enjoy it so much and i wouldn’t have stopped. (“Which is why i follow my rules.”) Plus, i would have to hold it in without joy. And if i was found, i would have no other choice but to give honest answering the questions. But i was thinking there is evidence that proves people beyond a reasonable fact they are guilty. But when i knew what i knew beforehand would not be used in court. I feel better now because there is no defense. If i was asked, why not let him decide or what if he didn’t go through with it. “People do not change their ways”, and it’s always proven to me. It always comes down to me beinging there or nothing. So my next question is “Would i ever do something like this again in the future?” Absolutely No, i will never want to relive another 2017 ever again. I would rather detect lightning stricks about to hit me

I do not wear the orange color or sandels unless im on the beach. Plus, i require Chipotle day. Without it, i would suffer. I could not just push through window. But animal would have when i would not. This is a strong sense of why i should never disappear. But i want to do it again still. I am obsessed with research :disguised_face: :wolf: //-\ :people_hugging: //-\ :innocent: :thinking: :8ball:

There is a right way now. Don’t do anything criminal that puts you in a cage. Just dont
Cage living is no living