Off i go to the dr .... feeling out of it this morning ... d

off i go to the dr .... feeling out of it this morning ... didn't get much sleep... heavy day... please please just be something simple....

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Looking forward to hearing what's up. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

So…what happened at the doctors?

The dr had to look up my tumor on the internet.. he had no idea what it was [big red flag] once i told him I use med pot he shut down... stopped listening ask if i was abusing other drugs .. never have i used other drugs... this is the main reason i don't go to the dr ... they assume if you use med pot your abusing other drugs.... He referred me to a nurolgist sent me on my way an charged me $100 for 10 mins ... I expect the same at the nurolgist .... So i sit here an shake an worry....about my health an money...

I'm sorry that happened. There is nothing wrong with medicinal marijuana. In your state can you get a prescription for it? Because then they can't say anything! I can only imagine your frustration. You are using herb for medical conditions. I am proud of you for taking the first step in figuring out what's going on. Hopefully, the red flag will at least prompt the doctor to order the MRI before you see the Neuro. If he hasn't ordered it yet, may. I suggest you call and request one and demand that your request be documented in you medical records and you want a copy of that documentation? That way, if he denies the request and its something major you can sue fo medical malpractice Good luck getting into the Neuro fast to help assess the situation. Please keep me posted. You are in my thoughts and prayers!

Thanks I have had a med pot card for 10 years... The medical group I belong Has a policy not to talk med pot or sign med pot cards[to cover there own a$$] that's fine.... I can't have MRI's because of metal in my head... I have a C/T scan today....I knew this day would come when i have to go back on anti seizure meds... Hay i am alive an kind of walking .. I have loving wife ... a nice home.. so what are a few side effects RIGHT.

Sorry to hear about the anti seizure meds. Any seizures since the last one? I remember those days! Sorry to hear about the doctors office feelings on medical marijuana. Ridiculous! So how did the CT scan go? Any news yet? Glad you’re having a positive outlook. Grateful you have a loving wife! My prayers are with you!