Offended? Really?

I guess some people didn't agree with my last post.

Or they clearly misinterpreted it.
Spreading diseases KNOWINGLY just isn't right to me. I don't get how thats offensive?

And I don't see how anyone could really argue with that.

Sorry if it did offend you but I was just stating my opinion.

I don't think it is right either and I am not sure that it was your message so much as your delivery. Everyone on here is hurt and and yes you're entitled you your opinion but you're not entitled to smash other people's feelings. Using objective descriptors like 'clean' is just not helpful. Although I do agree with you that telling is the best option because that way you are free from any guilt or karmaic retribution but some people are just not there yet and to verbally berate them for it as they move through their healing process is counterproductive.

Honestly, I tell now but there was 1 guy betweeen when I found out and when I started telling (I've only had to tell 1 person so far luckily) that I never told mainly due to denial and misinformation from my doc. So I think we all have our healing process as we move towards acceptance and education and hopefully at the end of it we will not have exposed anyone else.

You're right, my delivery WAS off. I was typing how i would speak/vent to a friend lol