Oh I am going to struggle to write this. I don't want to adm

Oh I am going to struggle to write this. I don't want to admit this.I would like to lose weight. I comfort eat because I feel food gives me the love I actually need. I want love but I gave up on it at the time and started eating. I am sad to write this because I love food. Food makes me happy but oh that's so embarrasing. I have improved and become more healthy but I want to go back to how i was. I have lost weight before then put it back on so should i even bother? x

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The fact you know why you're over eating empowers you. This makes you one step ahead of another who many not know why they're using food in that way. So this is what I suggest. If you want to stop using food for comfort, you need a replacement behavior (not a vice) to replace this habit you've fallen into. Some people use fitness for that purpose. I chose to use prayer. Once you fall into the habit of using the good habit in place of the poor habit, then it will become second nature. It's just that it won't happen over night. It takes time. So if you stumble a few times in the process, it's key not to beat up on yourself. Just pick yourself up and try once more. Try not to diet or focus too much on losing weight because it's more important to see it as a health and fitness way of life rather than a weight loss scheme.

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@Scat This is really helpful. You do need a replacement! I actually was really into my fitness in the past but dunno I sort of stopped but I do walk every day( I guess that not really proper exercise). Oh I love that- I hate the idea of dieting because that way I just get annoyed especially since were at home all the time, I prefer the balanced way/health way. I like how you say you pray, what do you do? Do you go in a quiet room and pray or do you visit places? Do you have a routine for your prayer? Hope all is going well for you x