Ok, feeling sorry for myself and also letting those old neur

Ok, feeling sorry for myself and also letting those old neural pathways of regret run my brain. so . . . STOP it me. And I am going to do a gratitude list here and it would be super helpful if you joined in and reply with a list of three things you are grateful for as well.

1) I'm soooooooooooooo grateful for all of you and SG
2) I'm grateful my little bedroom has an a.c. unit
3) I'm grateful the little town I live in is relatively safe enough to go walking about it at night alone

If you can think of three things you are grateful for, I invite you to share them below and we can help each other look on the brighter side of our lives. :)

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1. I am grateful for having a great family that I can rely on.
2. I'm grateful for being blessed with a few talents.
3. I'm grateful for good people with good intentions

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Hi @Guitardude , Thank you for sharing! And this is a great list! A great family and good people are to be cherished! What kind of talents do you have? :slight_smile:

1. My family
2. Fine and performing arts
3. Education

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@Ofelia Thank you for sharing. I like your list. :slight_smile: Are you an artist as well? :slight_smile:

@eyni I have some musical talents, like I can hear a song and then play it on guitar without having to sit and learn it. I play other instruments but I only have "the ear" for guitar. I don't know if you would consider this a talent but, growing up out in the country I became pretty good at building engines

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Wow! I would love to have that kind of gift :slight_smile: Playing an instrument and being able to play something after only hearing it. :slight_smile: I think building an engine is both a talent and a skill. :slight_smile: Very cool.

Hi. This is great .
1.) I'm grateful for my 2 puppies. They have brought all the light back into my life.
2.) I'm grateful I didn't get jail time as part of my probation for the DUI charge I just got convicted of. That would have been very painful. Been there many times already. So I know that.
3.) Grateful for my new bed. I can finally sleep better at night.

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Is that one of your puppies in your profile picture? Very cute! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: That’s great that you can work through your DUI without going to jail as well. And yes! A new bed–always a very nice treat! I hope that you sleep well tonight :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing three things you are grateful for.

Thank you so much. Yes. That is my boy Luke. He is the sweetest.
And his twin sister Lilly is my more independent one. They are chiweenies and very smart.

I just want to say also, my heart is with the ones hurting tonight and grateful to the ones that are able to reach out and help.
I love this SG as well. I would say to the hurting to try and add another life line when this one is not enough at the moment you know. :))

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Thank you. I really needed to be remineded to be thankful of things tonight. So three things I am grateful for are:
1. being able to breathe, even though I'm struggling to do so. I'm still better off than others.
2. my pets, my cat and dog who both love me even if I feel like I'm messing everything up.
3. having two hands, even if one of them has fingers that don't work correctly. I'm still grateful.
I have to add a 4th one, I'm grateful for sunrises and new days without any mistakes, yet

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Hi @PiercingEcho , Thank you for sharing your list of things you’re grateful for here. These are really wonderful things to be thankful for and I like your fourth/bonus one as well! Yes! Fresh new days with no mistakes, yet . . . thanks for adding that one because I want to focus on that when I wake up tomorrow :slight_smile:

Hi, that is a great technique, I have never heard of a gratitude list. Yours is awesome - can I try it now?
1) I am greatful for the friends I have. There are not many, but the few I have are worth it. And for my two cats, Ms.Samara and Mr.Panda, which I also consider family.
2) I am greatful for that summer is coming. The weather is lovely here, sun is shining, blooming flowers, everything nice.
3) I am greatful for the internet and that I get to meet people fighting the same battles I do, and sometimes we get the chance to help each other.

Stay strong, @Eyni, we are in this with you.

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:slight_smile: Thank you for sharing your list! All it takes is a few friends to make all the difference and you make a great point–it’s this lovely thing called the internet that is helping us connect here. This place has saved me. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your encouragement as well! :slight_smile:

I'm grateful for having you as my friend to talk with and this place that provides a safe environment to vent.
I'm grateful for my small playlist of favorite songs.
Its hard to find the third one. Maybe I can mention the privacy that Im having right now. But it doesnt happen all the time. Okay Im starting to complain again, I'll stop.

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Great list @spark_girl ! I am thankful for our friendship as well. :slight_smile: Music can be a balm during hard times and I think privacy as your third is perfect (it’s ok if it’s just temporary). Glad you were back on SG tonight, Spark_girl. :slight_smile:

Lucky to be able to say you have friends. I have people I know. People who have been my friends but I find as time moves on those I once called friends are not as close to me as I wished or needed. Loneliness is real hard.

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Hi @SDhopeless , I’m sorry that you are going through this right now. I agree, it’s hard not having friends. We’re lucky to have this place to connect with people, though. Welcome to the groups. Lots of great people here who know what you are going through. Thank you for reaching out.

You have a great idea here: 1. Health-mainly ok 2. Incredible MUSIC that heals me when I despair 3. God gave me an artistic talent (I neglect it often but it's there) & SG.

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Hi @Littlesis7 ,
I can’t take credit for the idea. Someone else here used to get these gratitude lists started and it does seem to help. :slight_smile: Great list by the way :slight_smile: :slight_smile: What kind of art do you do?